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Due to sites reactions from the US new legislation bill being passed,  many poker sites have said they intend on completely blocking out US customers

The Following Poker sites are FREEZING U.S. accounts...

 Titan Poker

Party Poker

Pacific Poker/888

Cryptologic Affiliated Sites

Sun Poker


Bet Fred


The Following are likely to freeze accounts, but have not released whether they would for sure.

Poker Stars

Paradise Poker

Poker Room

Hollywood Poker

So what site is safe?
Power holdem strategy news reports that poker.com, is the way to go...
For more information go to Power holdem strategy review website

 Pass this ON now to let EVERYONE know.

 So with everyone leaving major sites like party poker and potentially pokerstars, that would be the #1 and #2 sites which are about 80% US based.  With all the people looking to join new sites.  Affiliate marketing at the right sites is VERY valuable at this time (should online gaming still continue after the 6 month waiting period). click here for information on poker affiliate marketing.