Richmond Model Yacht Club


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Sailing venue is Lake Rooty, 4900 Cox Rd. Glen Allen.

The Richmond Model Yacht Club is a remote control sailing club located in the Richmond Virginia area. RMYC has permission from the Innsbrook Owners Association and the Innsbrook Foundation to use Lake Rooty for sailing. No motorboats are allowed.

Membership and Organization: RMYC is governed by the By-Laws of the club. Annual dues are $20. Membership application can be found here. Our primary means of communication and scheduling a sailing time is through our Google Group. To join send a request to the email address here:

We sail IOMs. RG65s, and the Dragon Flite. More information about racing and these classes can be found at the American Model Yacht Association (AMYA) or read an article on sailing and racing an RC sailboat here. It is common to find big boat racers sailing RC sailboats as a means of polishing their skills. When big boats are running 2-3 races a day, RC boats are racing 10 or more.

Sailing days can be found on the Regatta Schedule and Results page, unless the temperatures are below 50 degrees or if the winds are gusting over 20mph. Sailing is primarily in the form of casual racing. A simple windward-leeward course is set up with a start/finish line in the middle. A starting sequence of either 1 or 2 minutes is used, depending upon the number of boats racing. Rules of sailing are essentially the same for big boats as they are for models as noted in the appendix of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

The 2016 RG65 National Championship Regatta held June 4th and 5th.

The 2016 Richmond IOM Regatta held on March 19th.

The Richmond RG65 R3 Championship Regatta

Bill Kraftchak's RG65 being rescued by The Dive Shop's owner Jim McNeal. Time underwater to find boat: 10 minutes. Cost: $100