Here are some questions that I have gotten 

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 What is a LUG?

A Linux User Group (LUG) is a private, generally non-profit or not-for-profit organization that provides support and/or education for Linux users, particularly for inexperienced users. The term commonly refers to local groups that meet in person, but is also used to refer to online support groups that may have members spread over a very wide area and which do not organize, or which are not based around, physical meetings. Similar organizations such as FreeBSD User Group (BUG) exist, although many LUGs encompass FreeBSD and other free Unix-based operating systems.

Why does Richmond, IN have a LUG?

In all actuality there are two organizations that are functioning LUG's, the Richmond Open Source COmunity or ROSCO (richmondcomputes.org) and RLUG (richmondlug.googlepages.com) there are a lot of Linux and Linux curious people in Richmond.  The local Community College offers classes on it, and there are many buisnesses using Linux and other FOSS apps.

Where is Richmond? 

What is with the "copyleft" at the bottom of these webpages? 

This has actually been asked by members of this LUG, copyleft is the founding idea of free software.  Copyleft is Copyright flipped over.