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   A deck adds beauty, space and value to your home.  Designing a deck that suits your needs as well is structurally sound and beautiful requires hiring an experienced contractor.  Upstanding Contracting is the right Markham deck company to contact if you want to add a deck to your house.  Years of experience makes Upstanding Contracting a leader in the field of deck design, construction and renovation.   A deck is a place for relaxation, family and fun therefore having a contractor willing to work with you to design your outdoor oasis and who can build it to your specifications and budget is important.   Give Upstanding Contracting a call today for your deck design and building.  

Composite Hot Tub Deck
Bradford Deck

This composite deck was built with all the fixings. The walk in hot tub is the perfect placed for a relaxing evening. Using a combination of glass and cedar railing give privacy and views.

Flower Box Deck
Markham Deck Company

The Cedar deck was built as low to the ground as possible. Then we added custom cedar benches and flower boxes around the perimeter. A small landing and barbecue area make for the perfect cooking area whether your entertaining inside, or outside on the deck.

Custom Finished Cedar Deck
Markham Deck Company 2

This cedar deck has many beautiful features. Three tempered glass railing sections help define the deck space while allowing a full view of the yard. Two shutter sections provide privacy from the neighbors and hide the air condition unit. The stair wrapping around the deck allows easy access to any of the back yard and ties the entire yard together.

Another view of the above Deck
Markham Deck Company 3

The cedar deck board on this deck were attached in a custom V-pattern. This V-pattern kept the deck boards under 16 feet and allowed us to avoid having seams in the deck boards giving for a seamless finish. A picture frame technique was also used so the end cuts of the deck board would not be seen.

Octagon Styled Deck
Markham Deck Company 4

This second story walk-out deck was built with privacy lattice of the kitchen to give a perfect space for a outdoor dining area. Reusing the builders staircase allowed us time and the customer money.

Custom Deck Benches
Markham Deck Company 5

These custom deck benches were built on site. Carpentry skills along side creative design allows us to pull off amazing things. Benches like these offer natural gathering spaces and great places for conversation,

Deck with Privacy Shutter Open
Markham Deck Company 6

With the shutter open you are able to allow the sun to come flowing in. On this deck we also used the brown pressure treated wood. Take notice how the deck picket are perfectly spaced. Symmetry is always an important part of design.

Deck with Privacy Shutter Close
Markham Deck Company 8

This deck as always used our seamless deck board method and required special attention to design. Being a corner house an having the sidewalk run along side the yard presented a public feel to the deck. By closing the shutters you are able to obtain a more intimate setting.

Second Story Pool Side Deck
Markham Deck Company 8

This second story pool side deck was built using brown pressure treated wood. The thin black pickets we used for the railing does not obstruct the view of the yard and the area underneath the deck offers the perfect place to find some shade.

Town House Walk-out Deck
Markham Deck Company 9

This second story walk-out deck was built with privacy lattice of the kitchen to give a perfect space for a outdoor dining area. Reusing the builders staircase allowed us time and the customer money.

The Wide Deck
Markham Deck Company 10

This wide deck give the perfect space for a family to spend time together. Notice the rounded brick section of the house we had to deck around. Using the seamless deck board technique offers a very clean look.

The Back Yard Deck
Markham Deck Company 11

This deck built to offer a low maintenance yard. Eliminating all the grass in the back yard eliminates the need for lawn maintenance. Build at the level of the patio door allows for easy entry to and from the home. 

Deck Projects

  • Design and build a new deck
  • Replace boards on existing deck
  • Extend and existing deck to create more space
  • Demolish an existing deck and create a new deck

Deck Building Tips

  • Start planing your deck build early
  • Think about how you want to use the deck
  • Professionally check for hazards before you dig 

Deck Construction in Markham

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