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2. How to be an artist model in Central Virginia and join the Richmond Figure Models Guild

Can I be an artist model?

Anyone with sufficient motivation can find regular work as an artist model. Most serious figurative artists and instructors want to practice drawing a wide range of body types. Often figure drawing groups strive to go out of their way to provide models of all shapes and sizes over time. Anyone motivated to be a figure model should be able to find steady work over time.Figure modeling, also known as art modeling, is a general term where a person models for artists, including portrait modeling and nude modeling. Life modeling specifically refers to nude modeling. 

The most important skills for serving as an artist model include:
  • Reliability - Always showing up on time
  • Being able to maintain a pose for 20 minutes or more at a time without moving or talking
  • Developing a repertoire of interesting poses
  • Having positive motivation - Your attitude will affect the artist's inspiration and resulting art

How can I become an artist model?

Here are some helpful links with advice on how to become an artists' model:

How can I find work as an artist model in Central Virginia?

Instructions for finding employment as a figure model are provided on the page How to find work as an artist modelon this web site.

A list of open drawing sessions in central Virginia is provided in the list of Open Figure Drawing Sessions in Central Virginia on this web site.

What is the Richmond Figure Models Guild?

Established in August, 2011, the Richmond Figure Models Guild is a voluntary association of experienced life models based in Richmond, Virginia (USA). Our organization is dedicated to meeting the modeling needs for figurative artists in central Virginia.

Guild members must have experience serving as a nude model.

What does it take to be a Guild model?

Members of the Richmond Figure Models Guild are expected to serve competently and professionally for all modeling sessions.

Among other things, Guild models are expected to:
Be able to serve autonomously as a nude model for university classes, instructional sessions, and open draw groups.
Be able to independently obtain modeling sessions on their own.
Arrive on time for all scheduled appointments.

Act professionally during modeling sessions.
Be able to meet the physical demands of an artists' model.
To be in the Richmond Figure Models Guild, you also need to be regularly available to model in Richmond, Virginia.

How to I apply to be a Guild member?

Send an email to richmondfmg@gmail.com with the following information:
  • Your name, email, and telephone number. (Must be your real name, not an assumed name.)
  • Your experience as a nude model for one or more established university art classes, instructional sessions, or open draw sessions. 
  • Your familiarity with and experience providing all the types and durations of poses expected of artists' models for life drawing sessions. 
  • The name and contact information of one or more session facilitators you have worked for. (This contact information should be associated with established artists or organizations. Example: a professor's email address associated with a university as opposed to a private email address.)
  • Any other supporting materials you wish to provide to document your modeling experience.
  • We will independently contact session facilitators when considering your application. 

What if I don't have much experience as a nude model?

To be a Guild model, you must be able to competently perform all the functions expected of an artist model without any assistance or instruction.

Those motivated to become an artist model should use the resources this web page provides to seek out and obtain modeling opportunities on your own, in order to develop the experience to meet the criteria listed above.