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***As Workflow strategy reaches a critical mass, it will empower people financially, socially, and sustainably.  However, unless we begin to adopt the strategies of the powers that be, we may not be able to compete in the bigger game.  We must begin to formalize our strategy to include more structured components, such as gaining a bird’s eye view of our available resources, talents, skill sets, and labor power.  We, too, will need to conduct our own research, formalize our data banks, modernize our technologies, develop intricate mapping tools, and dare I say, as Kiyosaki’s title suggests, “Form (our!) own corporation!” 

My second book, Project Integrity International: Philosophy & Plan for a New Economy, lays out a very structured, comprehensive plan for this “People’s Corporation”—an international franchise network of sustainable cooperatives!  By providing an economic platform that welcomes individuals from all personal backgrounds and professional disciplines, PII will support the technological, ecological, human rights, multicultural, and spiritual movements brewing today across countries and continents. PII will more intelligently utilize the abundant resources of Planet Earth while saturating its human population with a tidal wave of sustainable economic opportunities.

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***Seeking to understand the events and trends of the Global Economy by solely comparing such various models as Capitalism, Communism, or Socialism is akin to attempting to interpret a great literary work by comparing the letters of the alphabet.  A true and full understanding of any and all given economic “systems” must take into deep consideration the instinctual, religious, political and
cultural influences upon  consumer choices, attitudes concerning work ethic standards, and moral codes dictating social behaviors. Until this critical assessment is achieved, humankind shall remain tangled up in  the cross hairs of countless bloody wars, social violence, relentless poverty, and an academic agenda that is subservient to the military-industrial complex.

This series of essays not only addresses the myriad of ills plaguing human societies across the globe, but attempts to pinpoint their interconnected causation through a cross-disciplinary examination. The critical inquiry into the age old question, “What is Wealth?,” is the starting  point whereby individuals and communities can begin to innovate and implement economic models that benefit workers, consumers, and the natural environment.

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