Chapter Summaries (cont'd)


Rich Dad’s Philosophy for the Few, Grunt Work for the Many!
*Personal experiences with Cashflow that lead to innovation of Workflow theory

  *Paradox of the Cashflow “glitch” and the Workflow solution

chapter 4:

Divvy It Up!:
How Workload Redistribution Benefits Everyone

*Argues for the intrinsic value in all forms of “work”--manual, innovative.  administrative

 *Explains why individuals are more dynamic and invigorated when their daily lives are engaged in a mixture of manual, administrative, and innovative work

chapter 1:

The Myth of Money and the Truth about Work

  *Reveals the illusion that money truly represents that which it can be traded for

 *Distinguishes between “Work-Ethic-Based Cashflow Economy” and “Need-Based Workflow Economy”

*The Core of the Crisis!

Chapter 5:

Lightening the Load Yields Heavy Profits

*Shows that the Workflow Quadrant model actually reduces the workload by curtailing consumeristic excesses

 *Suggests how this spare leisure time can be ecstatically channeled into hobbies, projects, inventions, and games

chapter 2:

 Beyond the Cashflow Illusion:
Introducing The Workflow Quadrant

*Reveals that, although Cashflow strategy is perhaps a great solution for select individuals, it is not practical nor profitable for the masses

 *Introduce the Workflow Quadrant--a new personal and collective model of success, balance and harmony



The Author's Solution

*Reveal an effective and peaceful international “Workflow” solution
to  redistributing the workload--as well as the wealth!

chapter 3:

All Collars Stain!:
Pushing Plows and Pencils into Planetary Annihilation
*Reveal how--even more dangerous than
the gap between “rich and poor”--is the
gap between the grunt workers and
the pencil pushers

 *Challenge the idea that earning a high
income entitles you to enslave someone else
to do the dirty work

 *Dispel the myth that grunt work
is only suitable for grunts

 *Exploit-Restore (Cashflow) vs. Rescue-Restore (Workflow ) models