The contents of Rich Johnston's desktop 

A THOUSAND THINGS - a YouTube sitcom, with Mark Gilmore.

FUTURE OF THE DEAD - a futuristic survival comic

CHASE VARIANT - bringing back the impossible assassin. 

THE FLYING SQUAD - a seventies superhero cop comic

HOOD - a reintegration of Robin Hood as modern day gang warfare

KILLING TIME - sci-fi TV procedural drama.

WRONG TIME FOR LOVE - romantic comedy threesome with two people

LONDON CRAWLING - amateur alien hunters uncovering a new London

POLITICAL CREATURES - the faerie invasion of modern day politics

DRAGON EMPIRE - the lifecycle of the space dragon

THE PIPER - long form comic series retelling the history of the 20th century

THE PROMISED LAND - the exodus from Israel to a new world. With Budgie.

DOCTOR WHO - WHODUNNIT - it will happen.