A days   : Disclosure Document
 B days
 1st period:  Secondary Math 2 Honors5th period:  Secondary Math 2 Honors
 2nd period: Prep
 6th period: Secondary Math 2 Lite
 3rd period: Math 1010   UVU 7th period: Math 1010   UVU
4th period: Secondary Math 2 Honors
 8th period:Secondary Math 2 Honors

This is our class calendar. Here you can keep up to date with what is going on in class and see what is coming up soon. Please know that this is a tentative schedule and may change.  
Also, of you are going to be absent you can see what we will be doing that day and what to prepare for next class.
This is subject to change
 Sec 2 Daily
Filled in notes
 Sec 2 Honors



Probability Notes

 College Prep
Presentation Problems
B7       B8

1030 Survey


HOMEWORK 1.1-3.5

HOMEWORK 4.1-5.8

HOMEWORK 6.1-7.8