New Membership Info

Welcome to the Rich Harvest Food Co-op.

Rich Harvest Food Co-op, is a natural foods buying club that has operated in Boone, NC since 1997. At present, we have about 60 families in the membership.

Being a member of a co-op is great way to save money on natural, organic foods and products!

Through this buying club, we use our collective buying power to order from United Natural Foods Inc, Albert's Organics, and Frontier Natural Products.

As of now, the membership is open, there is no membership fee, no minimum order, nor must you place an order every month.

***The only requirements we ask of members are to learn how the system works, show up promptly on the day of deliveries and pay on time. The small group of co-op volunteers handle the deliveries, accounting, keep the website up to date etc. for discounts on their orders. They are very generous with donating their time to the group so it is very important that non-working members show up on time and pay promptly.

If you would like to join our group please fill out this new member form and subscribe to our newsletter.

New Member Registration 

You will receive an email with your UNFI account information and further information about the co-op. There are video tutorials about how the UNFI site works under the UNFI tab. Please take a few minutes to watch them before ordering from UNFI.

If you have any questions email and some one will get back to you shortly.