Literacy Tools*

Breaking News English - breaking news at a selection of reading levels (EL)

CommonLit - free collection of fiction and nonfiction texts at different reading levels

Explain That Stuff! - basic articles on science and technology

Heatmap News - shows news hot spots around the world and gives a brief summary
Newsela - news articles at different reading levels, sign in to select by Lexile level

The Washington Post: Five Myths - articles challenging everything you know

Tween Tribune - leveled reading resource plus articles in Spanish, includes quizzes and assessments


RHS Library Catalog - search by Lexile range instructions

Actively Learn - interactive reading platform, watch the Actively Learn video to find out more

DuoLingo - free online tool for learning a language, includes mobile apps

English Club - listen to news and complete activities (EL)

Fluency Tutor - read aloud tool, available in Google Apps

InstaGrok - Research any topic, get results in an interactive concept map - practice vocabulary with puzzles, - free online tool that simplifies difficult English terms in a selection of text


CNN Explain It - short videos explaining current events - more options below the featured video - animated videos that explain everything

NBC 30 Seconds to Know - videos that simplify topics

the.News - videos and related links for finding out about "people, places and things close to home and around the world"

Time Explains - Time magazine gives quick, video explanations of current events

Times Minute - the New York Times posts videos of the latest news all only 60 seconds

* Thank you to Larry Ferlazzo's English Website for a number of these resources