About me
This page is just to give you a bit of an idea about who I am

My name is Richard and i have always enjoyed the outdoors when i was younger i grew up in the tanat valley about fifteen miles over the border of Wales.

I developed a passion for the outdoors just because of the lovely surroundings we lived in .

My family enjoy the outdoors also , that helps a lot .

I got roped in to doing a steel erecting contract in birmingham over twenty years ago , it was a bit of a baptism of fire to say the least.

After this i developed an interest for climbing but never had the oppurtunity to expore the rock climbing and mountaineering avenues for a few years.

we first started out walking the routes listed elsewhere on the site many years ago , from this a natural development seemed inevitable .

I started rock climbing a few years after my first taste of heights and loved the feeling of excitement but also calmness this gave me (ask any climber what i mean) .

since then i have climbed extensively in snowdonia ,derbyshire ,shropshire ,scotland and europe.

This climbing and mountaineering has led me to some amazing places , climbing frozen waterfalls in norway , amazing summit top sunrises in snowdonia and dramatic bivouac's over four thousand metres in the French Alps all in all its been a wonderfully fullfiling experience to learn all this .

And hopefully this learning will continue to broaden my horizons further .

If i can pass any of this experiance on then the goal of this venture is a success NEXT STEP GUIDING will have done what it set out to do .

thanks and hope to hear from you soon.