Rich Cocovich

Rich Cocovich has traveled the globe in pursuit of helping others achieve their goals. As the founder of Global Star Capital, Rich Cocovich has been tremendously successful in assisting his clients find funding for multi-million dollar projects all around the world. To do this, Rich Cocovich combines his unique ability to build relationships, his strong business acumen, and a proven system.  Rich Cocovich possesses the relationships in private funding with facilitators and direct lenders which have now spanned decades.  He builds the game plan necessary for his clients to achieve their goals by gaining the notoriety for the project in the eyes of these facilitators etc.  Rich Cocovich has also funded projects with his own investment capital. His ongoing and completed projects list serves as a testament to his abilities. Rich Cocovich counts many multi-million dollar projects among Global Star Capital’s successes, such as a $10-million agriculture land deal in California and a $150-million world reach revitalization project based in the countries of Malta, Switzerland, and Algeria to name just a few.

In order to obtain successful funding, Rich Cocovich suggests that clients have well-prepared documentation and a willingness to work within Global Star Capital’s system, which follows strict protocols designed to protect both clients and investors while generating results. Global Star Capital’s clients express a great deal of satisfaction with the results that Rich Cocovich has helped them to achieve, and he has worked with many clients to obtain their goals for multiple projects. Global Star Capital services both commercial and intellectual property projects, and Rich Cocovich has consulted principals for projects such as start-up businesses, acquisitions and mergers, land loans, and hard money loans. Project budgets range from $100,000 to hundreds of millions of dollars. To review Global Star Capital’s signature protocol and process plus learn more on Rich Cocovich, visit http://www.globalstarcapital.net or www.globalstarcapital.com
, where serious potential clients are welcome to follow the mandatory/non-negotiable procedures.