Mock Trial 

3rd in Texas State, 2008 

2007 Texas State Champions 

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   Mock Trial 2008-2009

    The Legal Eagle Mock Trial team is already working toward another State Championship, reclaiming their title from 2007.  Tryouts in the Fall will complete the 2008-2009 team.  The case packet and application will be available at registration and the first couple of weeks of school. 
    Tryouts will be Wednesday, September 10.  The team will hold clinics during lunches before tryouts to aid prospective team members with their tryout preparation and materials.
    This year there will be a new position on the team; actually a secondary non- competing team:  The Paralegals.  This six member team will each receive a part as an attorney and a witness and prepare the competition case for the 2008 season. 
    In doing so, The Paralegals will not only be learning the skills they will need in future years on the team, but will also aid team members with their own original material and skills in argumentation.
Parts on the team and The Paralegals will be determined at parts tryout on Monday, October 27.

  Senior Asja B.
  Senior Jessa D.
  Senior Ilva F.
  Senior Megan G.
  Junior Thomas C.
  Junior Jason W.
  Sophomore Essencejoy E.
  Sophomore Emily K.
  Sophomore Ram M.
  Sophomore Grace M.
  Sophomore Ibraheem N.
  Sophomore Vi T.

  Coach Sara Hofeditz
  Attorney Advisor Jonathan Winocur

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Press Information for State Championship 2007:


Richardson Mock Trial: More Than a Tradition

2008: 3rd in Texas State 

From Left to Right: Asja Begovic, Mock Trial chair Judge Lana Meyers, Megan Gailey, Elise Miller, Andrew Townsend, Danny Weiner, Jessa DeGroote, Victoria Varner, Ilva Fejzulla, Essencejoy Evangelista, Jason Wardy, Grace Miller, Mock Trial chair Steve Gwinn, Ram Mannah & Coach Sara Hofeditz; not pictured: Attorney Advisor Jonathan Winocour


2007: 8th in Nation, Nationals Dallas, Texas; State Champions

From Left to Right: Coach Sara Hofeditz, Andrew Townsend, Elise Miller, Jordyn Anders, Michael Sheetz,

Kathryn Palaognia, Victoria Varner, Jessa DeGroote, Danny Weiner, Ilva Fejzulla, Caitlin Barret, Will Harpham, Attorney Advisor Chris Pochyla, not pictured: Whitney Nwaogwuguw

Photo Courtesy of Big Lou's Photography     

2006: 2nd in Texas State

2005: 3rd in Texas State

2004: 5th in Texas State

2003: 8th in Nation, Nationals New Orleans, Louisiana; State Champions

2002: 9th in Nation, Nationals St. Paul, Minnesota; State Champions

2001: 2nd in Texas State

2000: 9th in Texas State

1999: 2nd in Texas State

1997: 2nd in Texas State

1996: 8th in Texas State

1994: 5th in Texas State


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