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Congratulations!  Thank you everyone for a night of great tryouts!  New Members - Please come to lunch in B110 on Friday!

Democratic National Convention Speeches from Denver, Colorado 

Republican National Convention Speeches to come next week from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Michelle Obama Mon. 8/25 Part 1

Michelle Obama Mon. 8/25 Part 2

Hillary Clinton Tue. 8/26 Part 1

Hillary Clinton Tue. 8/26 Part 2

Wednesday night:  Bill Clinton

Thursday night: Barak Obama 

Law Magnet Course Changes!

The Richardson Law Magnet wants to help students achieve required credits in areas of study they are interested in. Therefore, your Law Magnet has been working hard to get you the credits you need to graduate. The course progression has changed to the below:

  • Freshman: Pre-Law Credit: .5 elective / .5 media literacy asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasfasdf(prerequisite for Law I, Law II, Law III & Internship)
  • Sophomore: Law I Credit: .5 Economics / .5 AP Government asdfasdfasdfaasdf a(prerequisite for Law II, Law III & Internship)
  • Junior: Law II Credit: .5 elective - Business Law asdfasdfasdfaCredit: .5 elective - Criminal Law asdfasdfasdfasdf (prerequisite for Law III & Internship)
  • Senior: Law III Credit: 1 Science - Forensics
  • Senior: Internship Credit: 1 elective per 150 hours Up to 2 credits earned - 1 per semester
The Law Magnet faculty and Richardson Administration couldn't be more excited about the new courses in the Law Magnet and believe that this will continue the growth of the program which means greater opportunities for Law Magnet Students!

Summer To Do's:

1. Get an e-mail! If you do not have an e-mail account - now is the time to set one up! I encourage you to go through Google and gmail as we will use a lot of Google tools!

2. Keep in Touch! Please click on the below link to enroll in the Law Magnet Distribution List! Enroll Now!

3. Summer Reading! Click on your class link to the left to find out your summer reading. Be sure to get this done before school starts!

4. Visit us at Schedule Registration! Law Review will be at schedule registration in the Fall to enroll new members, re-enroll returning members, sell Law window decals and mouse pads. Hope to see you there!

Senior Winston Duncan at Law Review table at

Schedule Registration !


Summer 2008 Newsletter Online!

Law Magnet Summer Newsletter 2008

Law Magnet Summer Newsletter 2007

More on the School Supply Drive for Dover Elementary...

Please help Law Review in the 2nd Annual School Supply Drive benefiting Dover Elementary School. Click below for the flyer with the supplies needed - supplies will be gathered in the Law Room from now until September 8 with delivery of the supplies the morning of September 9. The photo above is the delivery of supplies in the fall of 2007. Thanks for helping these future eagles!Dover School Supply Flyer

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