Media coverage

Below are a few links to media coverage of projects in which I have been involved:

Scientific American - African penguins pulled into an ecological trap (Podcast).

Nature Research Highlights - Penguins caught in an ecological trap.

The Independent (UK) - Endangered penguins hunting for fish in wrong place after climate change creates 'ecological trap'.

Times Live - African penguin vanishing from coast.


News24 - Swimming with the penguins at Boulders Beach may be over (by Lawrence Bartlett, AFP).

Bloomberg News - African Penguins Face Short Lives, Few Chicks as Sardines Flee.

Portland Press Herald (USA) - Fish shortage may imperil African penguins.

Times Live (South Africa) -
Government says it’s working to save our starving penguins.

The Conversation (UK) - Endangered African penguins on the rebound, but not yet in the clear by Caitlin Kight.

Current Biology (Magazine Feature) - Can zoos offer more than entertainment? by Michael Gross.

Financial Mail (South Africa) No-fish quandary and Rattling the food chain a two-part series by Michael Cherry (PDF of part 1 here).

Conservation Magazine (USA) 
- Could hand-reared penguins help seed new colonies? by Jason G. Goldman.

Hand-rearing abandoned African penguins could help save endangered species by Ashira Morris.

SPIEGEL Online - Speichern Nachzüchtung Pinguin-Kolonien (in German, coverage of my publication in PLoS One on the survival of hand-reared chicks).
Nature News - African penguins put researchers in a flap by Michael Cherry.

Dein SPIEGEL (Germany) - Seevögel in Not (Seabirds in Need) by Christa Roth (text in German)

Business Day (South Africa) - Research may give ostrich industry wings (see my publication with Maud Bonato and colleagues on immune responses and growth rate in ostriches).

Africa Geographic (South Africa) - So long, and thanks for taking all the fish... by Cheryl-Samantha Owen 
(PDF here).

Radio Today (South Africa) - on The Sappi Nature Journal talking about the satellite tracking of fledgling African penguins.

50|50 (SABC2, South Africa) - Interviewed about and filmed catching oiled penguins. Aired 2012. 

Oiled Wildlife Care Network Blog (USA) - Oiled penguins in South Africa.

Talk Radio (South Africa) - on Environment Hour talking about satellite tracking penguins.

Smithsonian (USA) - Make Way for the African Penguins by Charles Bergman.

50|50 (SABC2, South Africa) - Interview about tracking of fledgling penguins. (video, top right).

Mail and Guardian (South Africa) - South African scientists to track penguins in wild.

Cape Times (South Africa) - Lucy the penguin swims into history with a backpack.

3 News (New Zealand) 
- South African scientists to track penguins.

Cape Argus 
(South Africa) - Penguin research goes swimmingly.

The Telegraph (UK)- Radio-controlled penguins: South Africa fits trackers to monitor baby birds.

National Geographic Online - the spot project is mentioned in an article on flipper banding.

BBC News (UK) - Biometrics picks up the penguins and Penguins spotted by their spots (video).

BBC Radio 4 (UK) - Peter Barham on Click On talking about Penguin Biometrics (at 21 mins).

50|50 (SABC2, South Africa) -Filmed and interviewed about automated penguin biometrics on “African Penguin: Twilight Hour”. Aired 2007.

African penguins being recognised on Robben Island by the 
African Penguin Recognition System, which made press in the UK 
in 2008. Image © Tilo Burghardt. 

Lucy the Penguin

Lucy, the first juvenile African penguin to be tracked 
using remote sensing technology, was featured on 50|50 in 
December 2011 (see video above). Image © Richard B. Sherley.

African Penguin conservation in Cape Town

A hand-reared African penguin fledgling being returned to the wild off Robben Island. Image © Trevor Samson (IFAW).