The left lane is for passing - If you are not, get out of the way!
The winter of 2013/14:
Snow fall records (Detroit, MI?)
Rank Amount (inches) Season
1 94.8 2013-14
2 93.6 1880-81
3 78.9 1925-26
4 74.0 1981-82
Channel 7, WXYZ
Senior Manager promotion achieved!
Network certification achieved!
Rich has finally passed the Basic Statitics training at USAI!  Up next, Network Certification.
My adventure with changing a turn signal light bulb, the remains:
In front of the GM Heritage Museum:
Not the best pic (stupid handrail) but it is in front of the GM WHQ:
From the Motor City Casino Car and Coffee event:
Kart2Kart event:

Drive Your Corvette To Work Day

When Friday, Jun 25, 2010

Where Effingham, IL - Come on, everywhere!

Description 2010 marks the 10th anniversary for "Drive Your Corvette to Work Day." Join us in the celebration of this monumental event by sharing a high resolution digital photo of you and/or your Corvette to be posted on the Mid America Motorworks website. Submit your image to clubs@mamotorworks.com
Some nice temps lately,  but for how long?  So I had to take the car out for a little bit:
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