You. Are. Alive.


Forevermore (2006) - a nightmare in a barbershop [screened on Propeller TV, Sky 195]

Waste (2006) - a tramp, a suit, and a bowling pin ['Official Selection' at the Bacup Film Festival] 


Cheeky Fitness (2007) - a spoof fitness infomercial



One Flew Over: Waking Life - coming soon



Future Cinema: Thames Festival (2007) - 'dive in' movies next to the River Thames, 1920's style.

Future Cinema: Metropolis (2006) - breathing new life into Fritz Lang's classic.

Future Cinema: The Dresdon Dolls (2006) - hypnotic dancing by the Pickled Pikchers.

Future Cinema: Dream of the Elephants (2006) - a blind man's reoccuring dream brought to life.





The 'Brown Boy' Who Died In Sloane Square' (2007) - looking into the Chicken Shed's play 'As a Mother of a Brown Boy...', which was based on a true story, and has been screen on Sky Arts.

Avant Garde:

Smoke Trails (2005) - the smoke will get you.



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