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Misc software.
unreal music                                     All music unreal 3 not update soon.
unreality cd                                      lots of maps on this cd.
german add-on cd                           Lots of maps on this cd.
funreal                                             add-on for unreal 1998.
unreal_music                                  All unreal music from 1995 till now.
unreal 1991 shareware                    Mirror from filefront unreal 1991 shareware.
unreal album for covers                  All unreal covers compiled into html code and thumnails.
ut3betademo                                  several years we waith and now its finfished happy shooting.  
ut3demofix                                     fixes seferal problems within ut3 demo.
ut modern map pack                       modern map package for ut.
dosbox_0.65_for_unreal1991         The program you need for running the unreal from 1990.
unreal_1991_ubisoft                       Unreal from 1991 published by ubisoft.

ut348demopatch                             Use this demo patch if you are running version 333.                                  This is a s3 driver for older vidcards.     

utscreenshots.rar                            Some screenshots containing unreal.

utdemo348                                     This is the 348 demo we all know.

ut2003demo                                   This is the ut 2003 demo we all know.

ut2004demo                                   This is the ut 2004 demo we all know.

unreal1_screensaver                       A screensaver from 1998.

inoxxpack_addon                           A add-on for ut 99.

lowpolypack                                   Small pack from epic: DM-ablee, DM-melnori, CTF-extortion.

epic_ctfmaps                                  Small pack from epic: CTF hallofgiants, CTF Orbital.

UnrealPatch226                              Download this patch if you have unreal 1 installed.

unreal_xmp                                    File is alreddy patched by victor 270 mb!

unreal_xmp_patch                          The no cd patch containing unreal xmp.

s3_fix                                             Use this one for troubleshooting your s3 textures.

s3texturefix                                    maby this one is the same give it a try and let me know.

ut_cache_cleaner                            Gun_asylem came with this file, clean ofcourse your unreal ut cache.

rtn_patch                                        Return to nali pali patch 266 b.

unrealopen_gl                                 V2.1.0.7 patch by oldunreal S3TC converter is included 226 final

fussion_mappack                            From Epic, includes new models, maps, mods, and more...

utxmp_public_beta2                       UTXMP Public Beta 2 Full (Multi-Platform .ZIP) 323,8 mb ut 2004 mod

utxmp_beta2_patch                        mod free monkey software 278,00 mb. ut 2004 mod patch

utxmp_public_beta1a_patch           January 1 2005 28,45 mb Windows Executable. mod patch

utxmp_public_beta1                       utxmp_publicbeta1_full_install 270 mb.

unreal2_demo                                 official unreal 2 demo 274 mb.

unreal_xmp_demo                          unreal2demo.exe 154 mb xmp special edition.

ut_bonuspack1                               addon from epic megagames for unreal ut 99 36 mb umod.

utbonuspack2                                 addon from epic ''the digital extremes'' ut 99 filezise=1,52 mb.

ut_bonuspack3                               addon from epic bonuspack 3 filesize=15,29 mb  .   

ut_bonuspack4                               addon from epic bonuspack 4  filesize=36,34 mb  .         

opengl_driver                                  driver for render s3tc texture packages by epic 090602 beta version!

open_gl_tweak                                driver tweak from epic 254 kb zip file.

ut_nodelta436patch                        the 436 no cd patch for unreal tournament.filesize=32,20 mb

ut2004-3369                                  Ut 2004 3369 64 bit patch filesize=9,19mb

ut2004_3369_32bit_patch              Ut 2004 3369 32 bit patch 12,7 mb

1on1pack                                        add some maps to ut 2004 filesize=41mb

ut2004mappack                              Editors choice ut 2004 bonuspack

servermappack                                dedicated server bonus mappack 3339 ut 2004 size=872mb!!!

onsbonusmappack                          ut 2004 ons bonus mappack. size=10,5 mb.

russianbonuspack                           Russia bonus pack for ut 99 size=13mb.

e3unreal3                                        mediafile containing unreal 3 engine!

u2xmppatch                                    xmp multiplayer patch version 7710



old stuff                   


usumapsbeta_mirror                            Usu maps beta demo.mirror.

older unreal patches                           Some older unreal patches uploaded by me. 

unreal1990dos                                   The unreal from 1990 dos version shareware size=867kb

unreal shareware                                unreal special edition demo  size=132mb

unreal95beta                                      unreal 95 beta uploaded by delacroix. size=4mb.

utscreenshots                                     Unreal screenshots from 1996 internet hype.

unreal95mirror                                   unreal 95 mirror from hyper

unreal beta                                         unreal demo from 1997 1998 size=159mb

unrealmapfix                                      unreal mapfix for unreal beta size=4,68mb

unreals3tctechdemo                           unreal techdemo s3tc size=163mb

unreal97                                             unreal 97 founded on filefly webserver fast download!!size=55mb

unreal97screens                                 unreal screenshots founded by me uploaded by delacroix. 0,6mb.

unrealpix                                            unreal screenshots from epic mega games.

unreal98beta                                      unreal shareware beta demo from 1998 filesize=188 mb.

patch219cs                                         The 219cs patch made by victor delacroix.size=1,69mb.

s3fixmaps                                           S3fix patch ut99 edited by hermskii  hermskiiwebsite.

unreal9798                                          This is unreal 97 98. uploaded by creavion size=188mb

unreal1music                                      unreal1music uploaded by creavion.

unrealbetamusic                                 unreal beta music!

usumapsbetademo1                           A beta demo uploaded by creavion.

unreal98betaconvert                           A beta conversion by dot,s compatible with 225 size=33,7mb

unreals3tc1                                         Texturepack from the urp project from oldunreal part1size=139mb !!

unreals3tc2                                         Texturepack from the urp project from oldunreal part2 size=138mb!!




unreal 1 to unreal tournament retexure project.



dm-revolution2                                                  Dm-revolution2 deathmatch level for ut 4-7 bots.size=155kb.

ctf-phobia                                                          Ctf-phobia capture the flag map size=1,3mb.

walruspack                                                         several maps in this package.size=2mb

Oldskool                                                             Play with unreal 1 weapons into ut 99. size=4kb.

skaarjsskinpack                                                 4 skins for ut 99.size=13mb.

skaarjtower:shadow and fire                               Skaarj tower filsize=18,11mb requires oldskool.

dejavu_gryphon_v_2.01                                      Dejavu + 16 maps ut oldskool amped included.size=61,71mb.




unreal 99 maps for ut 2004



3hugemappacks                                              Containing all levels from ut 99 for ut 2004.

ucmp_mappack3                                             Ucmp retexure project ut 99 for ut 2004 volume 3size=62,4

ucmp_mappack2                                             Ucmp retexure project ut 99 for ut 2004 volume 2size=246mb

ucmp_mappack1                                             Ucmp retexure project ut 99 for ut 2004 volume 1 size=172mb

ucmp3_teaser_hq                                            Teaser vid for ucmp3.





megapack                                                         Megapack for ut 2004

patch3369                                                          Ut 2004 patch

patch3369_mirror                                               Ut 2004 patch mirror

red_orchestra_3.3                                             Mod for ut 2004

return to nyleve                                                 Old map made new!!!

fragsoftime_part1                                             Mappack for ut 2004 filesize=26,73 mb.

dm_osr_steamed                                               Map by a.v.l.d. level design.

jailbreakumod                                                    Nice mod jailbreak version 2004 b size=199 mb

jailbreak_update                                                Update for jailbreak 2004 b            size=90 mb.

techno_gladiator                                                Techno gladiator map by angel mapper.






uncodex_232                                                     Nice util only for geeks.size=3,00 mb

wikipage                                                            Wikipage about this geek software.

offsite                                                                Website from the maker from uncodex.

info_page                                                  info page.




unreal music



unrealbetamusic                                                 Unreal beta music uploaded by creavion.





unreal2_demo                                                       Unreal 2 the awakening demo by infrogrames.


old dos games 3d shooting.


blake stone3d                                                       A free game from apogee software from 1993 size=1,5 mb

catacomb abyss                                                    A free game from id software from 1992 size=784k.

starwars dark forces                                              Shareware game from lucasarts studio 1995 size=3,5 mb.

descent                                                                 descent from interplay 1994 size=2,8 mb.

doom                                                                     Doom v1.9 yehhaa first cool 3d action game ever '93 id.

duke nukem                                                           nice 3d shooter from apogee 1995 size=5,7mb.

quake                                                                     quake from id software 1996 size=8,7mb.

spear of destiny                                                      Wolvenstein part 2 id sodtware 1992 size=721kb

wolvenstein 3d                                                       first 2d game ever 1992 from id softeware size=712kb.

tromb raider                                                           First tombraider from eidos 1996 size=2,1 mb


covers commodore 64 and 128 systems.







































soon more :p


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