Research Areas:

Theoretical corporate finance and financial intermediation; experimental economics

Published Papers:

Prediction Markets: Alternative Mechanisms for Complex Environments with Few Traders 
    (With PJ Healy, Sera Linardi, and John Ledyard)
    Management Science, November 2010

Financial Expertise as an Arms Race (with Vincent Glode and Rick Green)
    Journal of Finance, October 2012

Trading Complex Assets (with Bruce Carlin and Shimon Kogan),
    Journal of Finance, October 2013

    --Review of Corporate Finance Studies, March 2014

    -- Review of Financial Studies, October 2014

Compensating Financial Experts (with Vincent Glode)
    -- Journal of Finance, December 2016

Published Comments, etc.

Comment on Predatory Trading, Stigma, and the Fed's Term Auction Facility by Jennifer La'O
       -- Journal of Monetary Economics, July 2014

Working Papers:

Collusion in Brokered Markets (with John Hatfield and Scott Kominers), coming soon

Collusion in Markets with Syndication (with John Hatfield and Scott Kominers, and Jordan Barry)

Financial Industry Dynamics, with Tim Landvoigt

Unpublished Notes, etc.

Bargaining with Asymmetric Costs for Information (with Vincent Glode)

Entry and Exit in the Market for IPO Underwriting (with Ari Kang)


Selected Professional Affiliations:

Finance Theory Group