It is the evening of July 16, 1973. You are our nation's finest president, Richard M. Nixon. Among the many reasons you are so great is the success the New York Knicks have enjoyed during your time in office. The Knicks have won their only two NBA championships during your presidency. Obviously, the Knicks will win many more championships in the decades to come but tonight you have something more important to work on.

Earlier today, White House aide Alexander Littlefield told the Senate Watergate Committee about your Oval Office taping system. Your predecessor Lyndon Baines Johnson also taped Oval Office conversations. He left you a box to break open if the taping system ever became public. Unfortunately, the box has four locks and the deceased former president cannot help you unlock them. Look around the White House for clues, crack the locks, and get yourself out of this Watergate mess!

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History vs. Richard Nixon


Nothing below this helps crack locks.