University Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
University of Cambridge
Faculty of Economics
Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge
Email: kai.liu@econ.cam.ac.uk
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins, 2011
CV (pdf). Updated: August 2017

Research Interest: Labor Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Economics of China

Working Papers:

10. Education, Earnings Dynamics and Life-cycle Inequality (with Magne Mogstad and Kjell Salvanes). PDF. New draft coming soon.

9. The Supply of Skill and Endogenous Technical Change: Evidence From a College Expansion Reform (with Pedro Carneiro and Kjell Salvanes). PDF. July 2018.


8. Wage Risk and the Value of Job Mobility in Early Employment Careers. PDF. July 2013.  Revised October 2017. Accepted, Journal of Labor Economics.

7. Life-Cycle and Intergenerational Effects of Child Care Reforms (with Marc Chan)PDF. June 2017. Accepted, Quantitative Economics.

6. Insuring against Health Shocks: Health Insurance and Household Choices. PDFJournal of Health Economics, 46 (2016): 16-32.

5. Political Uncertainty and Household Savings (with Rolf Aaberge and Yu Zhu). PDFJournal of Comparative Economics, 45 (2017): 154-170 

4. Good Skills in Bad Times: Cyclical Skill Mismatch and the Long-term Effects of Graduating in a Recession (with Kjell Salvanes and Erik Sorensen). PDFEuropean Economic Review, 84 (2016): 3-17. (lead article)
Coverage: OECD blog

3. Explaining the Gender Wage Gap: Estimates from a Dynamic Model of Job Changes and Hours Changes. PDFQuantitative Economics, 7 (2016): 411–447.

2. Bad times at a tender age - how education dampens the impact of graduating in a recession (with Erik Sorensen and Kjell Salvanes). PDF. Nordic Economic Policy Review (2014): 51-73.

1. Income Uncertainty and Household Savings in China (with Marcos Chamon and Eswar Prasad).  PDF.  Journal of Development Economics, 105 (2013): 164-177.
Older version: NBER Working Paper
Media Coverage: Vox, TIME