Past Richard Jones Memorial Lectures

Year Lecturer Title / page link
1 1987 Jonathan Porritt Green Politics - Today's Global Challenge mp3
2 1988 David Suzuki Wilderness in the Age of Technology Part 1: mp3 Part 2: mp3
3 1989 Paul Ehrlich
Can We Keep the Earth Habitable? Part 1: mp3 Part 2: mp3
4 1990 Sara Parkin
Degrees of Green: an International Perspective on Green Political Parties mp3
5 1991 Carolyn Merchant
The Global Ecological Revolution, Towards a Liveable World NA
6 1991 Alan Gussow A Sense of Place: the Earth as Home and Habitat mp3
7 1992 Paul Ekins Green Economics for a New World Order
Part 1: mp3 Part 2: mp3
8 1993 Samuel Epstein Health, Chemicals and Our Environment: Seeing the Connections & What We Can Do About Them mp3
9 1994 Penny Figgis Ecotourism: Plague or Possibility
1995 Sohail Inayatullah
End of the Natural: Is There a Future for the Environment and Environmentalism? NA
11 1997 Stephan Harding
From Gaia Theory to Deep Ecology Part 1: mp3 Part 2: mp3
12 1998 Cath Wallace
Private and Collective Interests in the Environment: Managing Our Impacts on the Sea NA
13 1999 Robert Theobold
The Fourth Storey: Ecological Integrity, Social Cohesion, Effective Decision-Making & Positive Values NA
14 2000 Amory Lovins
Practical Sustainability: The Next Industrial Revolution Part 1: mp3 Part 2: mp3
2002 Clive Hamilton
Running from the Storm: The development of climate change policy in Australia
2003 Peter Newman
On Climbing Trees … Sustainability and Political Values
17 2004 Robyn Eckersley
The Green State – environmental vision and democratic practice mp3
18 2005 David Abram
The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World
19 2006 Richard Heinberg & David Holmgren
Peak Oil and Permaculture
Part 1: mp3 Part 2: mp3
 20 2011
John D. Liu
How We Got Here... And the Pathway to Sustainability
 21 2012 Bob Brown Saving the Earth and other Green Heresies Video
 22 2014 David Orr Beyond Left & Right - Politics in a Hotter Time
 23 2015  Helena Norberg-Hodge  Towards an Economics of Personal & Ecological Wellbeing
 24    2016 Jane Hutchinson  Lofty Ambitions, Great Expectations & Achieving Carbon Neutrality
 252018 Paul Hawken Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming Video
 26   2019 Bill Gammage Who Made the Wilderness?
 272020 Amanda Cahill  Embracing Cracks in the Pavement  Video

Other lectures sponsored by the Richard Jones Memorial Trust

Year Lecturer
1989 Suliana Siwatibau
World on Trial: Environment and Development on the Human Scale
1990 Anil Agarwal
North-South Perspective: Global Environmental Solidarity
1991 Susan Clifford
Our Common Ground
1998 Satish Kumar
The Environment and Spiritual Values
1999 Steve Van Matre
Mapbearers, Toolkeepers, Starmakers
Paul Leech
Sustainable Buildings - New Approaches
2013  Will Steffen The Critical Decade 2013: Climate Change Science, Risks & Responses