Since 1987, global leaders in environmental thought have delivered 27 Richard Jones Memorial Lectures in Hobart, free to the public.

1BIn honour of Dr Richard Jones

The late Dr Richard (Dick) Jones made an outstanding contribution to environmental awareness in Australia and beyond.  He played a pivotal role in the Lake Pedder Action Committee and in the formation of the United Tasmania Group (the world's first comprehensive Green party) in the early '70s, both of which provided the groundwork for the later successful national campaign to prevent the damming of the Franklin River.

Dr Jones was also instrumental in establishing the community-based Tasmanian Environment Centre (now Sustainable Living Tasmania) and he played a leading role in converting the Australian Conservation Foundation into one of the nation's most dynamic environmental organisations.  Further, in establishing the postgraduate Centre for Environmental Studies at the University of Tasmania, Dr Jones did much to promote problem-oriented, interdisciplinary environmental research that has provided the community with valuable information and innovative ideas.

2BThe Richard Jones Memorial Trust

Colleagues, students, graduates, and friends from the Centre for Environmental Studies at the University of Tasmania in conjunction with the Tasmanian Environment Centre established a trust (following a community appeal) administered by a volunteer committee of academics and community members.

You can contact the committee through Sustainable Living Tasmania.