What I Sweep

What I Sweep

Open fires small & large.

Stoves. As long as there is access into the flue. This may be through the stove; via a soot door in the wall above or outside; through an access plate in the flue. A common problem is with a 90 degree angle in the flue as even flexible rods will struggle to get around a right angle bend. In this case there should be access provided both sides of the sharp bend.

Solid fuel boilers

Solid fuel ranges (E.g. Rayburn, Aga, Stanley, Esse).

Biomass Boilers. Again, it all depends on whether the appliance has been installed with sweep access. I have been to many Biomass boilers that have no way into the flue or have been installed in such a way that it is not actually possible to get to the sweep access. Another problem could be that the only way in is after various pipes have been disconnected or parts removed. I am not a plumber so will not remove pipes nor parts of the boiler.