Stove Use

Stove Use

What fuel to use on a stove? You spend a lot of money buying and installing a stove so it’s worth protecting that investment with good quality fuel. Stoves are not waste disposal units, only burn what the manual says.

Smokeless fuels.

  • Multifuel stoves can burn a smokeless fuel.
  • It is worth buying a good quality smokeless fuel. I only use Homefire Ovals from CPL. I have been using it solidly for 36 months and the stove is still as good as new.
  • Household coal must never be used.
  • Household waste must not be burnt.
  • Incorrect or poor quality fuel can damage the stove or liner.
  • Many of the cheaper smokeless fuels are high in sulphur. Burning these releases sulphuric acid up your flue. I have seen many stainless flexi liners compromised by this within just a few years.


  • Only burn pure wood with no paint, preservatives or creosotes on.
  • Only burn wood with a moisture content below 20%.
  • The lower the moisture content then the more heat that will be obtained from a log. For this reason, logs that are 15% moisture content are worth a lot more than logs at 20% etc.
  • Buy a log moisture meter, they are quite cheap and absolutely invaluable.
  • It is not possible to tell how wet a log is from looking at it. You need a moisture meter.
  • It is not possible to tell how wet a log is from seeing how heavy it feels. You need a moisture meter.
  • “Well seasoned” is a very vague statement as there are so many variables. You need a moisture meter.
  • Soft & Hardwood can be burnt but more heat is gained from hardwood as it is a much denser substance.