Frequently Asked Questions

Do I install stoves? NO

I have a stove fitted, does it need sweeping? YES

My stove has a flexi-liner fitted, does it need sweeping? YES

I only burn logs / smokeless fuel / compressed briquettes, do I need my chimney sweeping? YES

Will sweeping make a mess? NO. I draw on all my experience, training and technique to absolutely minimise any dust escaping. Containment is everything and I have many different ways to seal up an appliance. The only time there could be a bit of dust is when removing a birds nest but adequate precautions would have been taken before starting to remove the blockage.

Do I need to do anything before your visit? Removing all ornaments from the mantle piece and hearth is a sensible thing to do so that I have a clear area to work. I will be placing a dust sheet down for all my equipment and for me to work on. Please make sure the appliance is cold before I arrive. I cannot work on a hot stove and flue.

I've just moved into my house, should I get the chimney swept? YES. Unfortunately, experience has shown me this is a very common time for chimney fires to occur. As a new owner you will not know when the chimney was last swept nor by whom. For piece of mind sweep it straight away before lighting.

There's a flexi-liner being installed down my chimney, does the chimney need sweeping before this? YES. I've known people make the mistake of not getting the chimney swept before installing a new flexi-liner and within a short space of time there are bad smells coming from the old soot deposits outside of the liner on the chimney wall. These deposits cannot be removed without removing the liner.

What fuel should I use? If you have a manual for the appliance then follow it's own guidelines. If not then read my webpage on Stove Use.