Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection

Fully recordable camera inspections undertaken.

A still from a video showing the wall between two separate flues had completely broken down.

I tried sweeping this chimney and only got so far before the rods stopped. I put the camera up and this still from the video clearly shows where the flue has previously been quite soundly sealed by a stone slab being placed across.

Here is a still from a video of a bad stove installation. The camera is facing downwards and has been pushed up through the stove and through the 1m connecting flue pipe. Bottom right hand side of the picture shows the top of the flue pip sticking up above the register plate. Bottom left of the picture shows a large build up of soot on top of the register plate with no way to remove it. This is a combustion hazard.

The stove was re-installed with a flexi-liner now down the chimney and attaching to the top of the flue pipe via the correct adapter.