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My name is Richard Hampton McRae, and I am an Electrical Engineer.

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A little about me then 'eh....

I LOVE to build stuff, to work in tandem with my hands and mind towards new creations. I design and create plastic models, circuitry, toys, Lego vehicles, Erector set cars... You name it, I like to build it. I also enjoy the challenge of fixing anything broken. I like to take stuff apart and see how it works, see if I can improve it, and get ideas for other projects from it.

I like to experiment with new projects and ideas. I like being creative. I like to work on my cars, remote controlled toys, bikes, and computers. I like animals and I enjoy building and experimenting with my pets habitats.

I love tools. Wow do I love tools. I almost have a tool for almost everything. I have workshops that I've built into my closet and in my hallway. I have computers everywhere and try to integrate them into my daily life whenever possible.

I love anything electronic. I love lights and LED's. I modify wall-warts to power LED's in my mini fridge, to light my stairs as a night light, and outer door night lights. I use LED's in my my hobby-shop cars, my model cars, and my electric bike.

My passion in life is to design, create, build and experiment. Build robots, create light systems, design vehicles, develop toys, create gadgets, conceptualize improvements into existing gadgets, build anything, build everything.

I want to enhance my knowledge and  use my passion of engineering to obtain a professional engineering job with a respectable company that will surely benefit from my skills.