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Live rich for less...

Methods and strategies for living well below your means.

Here are a number of ideas for creating the stylish, delicious, luxurious and comforting qualities that others may charge the earth  for.  And a few pages of indulgence, fun and phantasy...

You may find hints and tips for saving money here but this is NOT another 'Thrift' site. This is where good sense and a love of the good things collide. Please feel free to mail me with contributions.

Living well does not mean forking out!

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Some venerable recipes from 'Found' books. - a fascinating resource.

Impress for less.. Soup to impress.

Impress for less.. Main courses etc.

Impress for less.. Hints and tips.

My grandfather's Kurdistan Adventure.. Go here then click the 3rd picture from the left...

 To Dreams..

Some writing..

Or.. you could just go straight to my sketchpad..