Is Fame Different On the Web?

This site was created originally in April and May 2008 for a course at Harvard Law School entitled Web Difference

The course and this project have gotten me thinking about my own web presence and my public identity online which is, I believe, not atypical of someone in my generation and position.  

My name is Richard L. Heppner, Jr.

I am a third year student at Harvard Law School. I earned a Ph.D. in English Literature from Tufts University before I went back to school for law.

My identity online has a few facets.
First, there are parts of my identity that are directly connected to my real name, stuff you could conceivably find if you Googled my name. (Incidentally, if you leave off the "Jr." you get lots of hits for my dad.)

The most directly connected to my name and my offline identity are probably my social networking profiles. I have a Facebook profile. I also have a LinkedIn profile.

Finally, there is a defunct blog that I kept for about a year (up until I entered law school) called criterati. I'd be surprised if anyone found that without getting linked there from here, though. I don't think it's linked from anywhere else! (Feel free to check it out for exciting stories about my law school applications, grading student papers, and the occasional movie review.) (I did a brief blog for a previous HLS course, as well.)

Second, I have another identity online, a persona called "Septimus."I use this persona largely for video game related discussions. It pretty much started with my fandom of the Halo video game.

I'm fairly active at the forum, under the variant Sep7imus [subnova]. (I have a blank user profile there, though I can't link directly to it). Search for "Sep7imus" on the front page of that site to find the various times I've been mentioned, including a link to a profile of me on another gaming site, a machinima video I made, and a contest I won (you won't get it).  (Subnova is a related online gaming community where I was once a more active member.)

I also have an account and profile at, the website of Bungie, the creators of Halo, which is linked (with a complete history of my online Halo playing, down to the minute) to my XBox Live Gamertag , an identity for playing games online with the XBox.

I'm currently quite active as member of Seasoned Gamers an online community for older (i.e. not teenage) video gamers, where I have this profile, though I don't know if you can see it without signing up.

I have a character on Second Life named Septimus Steptoe. I don't use Second life much, but I'm a member of the Berkman Center group there and of the Subnova group.

Other random nuggets of web presence about me:
My profile as a non-resident tutor at Mather House at Harvard.
A call for papers from back when I was in graduate school always shows up on Google searches for some reason.
One of my favorites, students' comments at, from when I taught at Slippery Rock University before law school. Evidently, some people found me really easy and others really hard, some fun, some boring. Go figure!