Registered Health Information Technology (RHIT) credentials awarded on 12/17/2011


Rich Hartmann has a strong background in the sciences and computer applcations. Starting with a BS in Biology and continued education in computer science, I wrote applications for many areas of IBM production in Endicott, NY. The foundations of the sciences provided me with an excellent background writing applications for circuit board manufacturing, ceramic substrate manufacturing, Chemical receiving inspection and first in-first out inventory control at IBM in Endicott, New York, in 1982.

I used the programming skills to work with users to develop the requirements and develop the applications that made each of these processes better.  The science background gave me an excellent understanding of developing the requirements that were used to design the applications.  My science background gave me an understanding of the requirements for writing the application written for the copper plating chemical bath.  Getting better requirements that went into the design of the application for process control of the copper plating bath, led to writing better programs to report process measurements on the chemical analysis.

My recent experience in moving from the information technology field to health information is another one that brings great advantages to a health care provider.  This understanding of the detailed security encryption and authentication in SSL and VPN, gives me a firm understanding of for meeting security measures that are required for health information.