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eCommerce is the key, and research at your fingertips is the goal here.
Example for Google Insights for Search BETA:
Fill the edit box with this list of topics (keywords), then click on Search:
people search, free web, free web site, free website, websites built free
Pick United States from the dropdown box. (wait for the refresh)
Click edit
Now replace websites built free with american idol.  Click on Search.
Click edit
Now replace american idol with eCommerce.  Click on Search.
For fuller data visualization:
Note the difference for the categories chosen to compare above, the difference between All Categories and just the Business category (such a significant difference that should not be overlooked).
In the Business category, how to make money is of primary concern.  
By grouping all categories, taxes and searching for people are of primary concern.
Trend analysis for the internet example done.
Keyword tools: (free software download)
Ad Testing and Tracking (very important for ROI):
Find one of your customers who is on the web:
Wikipedia Search:
This is the site to get information on doing internet business.  Whether it be conducting business on the Internet or using the Internet for keeping track of business, this site will help you get there.  The eCommerce information and tools presented here are to supplement and to make things easier for you (and quicker).  Everything in one place, one source.
With a no frills approach, it is to the point and well indexed for your ease of use.  Nothing is more than 3 clicks away from wherever you are.
I hope you leave comments on how to improve this site for your needs.  Your ease of access is what this presence is all about.
I even added a TV with limited channels so you can see news or whatever while awaiting web service results to post back to this page.  Just click the Play button.
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