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Topps Variations (1970 - 1975) -- updated 2/13/18. Note - I don't collect sets after 1972 and rarely update those years.

 DATE Key:  Black = Have.  Red = Need.  (?) = Exists??
 6/4/16 Many NormalBlack or white line on side, top or bottom
  9 Checklist 1 Bat extends to white border Bat stops short of white border
  25TovarNormalBlack dot under "a" of Tovar
  52Dal CantonNormalBlack lines in left border
  55OdomNo line at bottomCap A and background tower tinged red,
black line at bottom
     No red tinge, white line at bottom
 6/30/16 56Phillies RookiesNormalRed dots across Lis' shoulder
 12/20/16    Black marks in top border
  70 Pitching Leaders Full "A" "A" in American on back partly missing
  111HeganNormalBlue bleed in right side of sky
   119 Taylor Normal Hat outlined in yellow on top and right
  128 Checklist 2 Brown bat, # 226 has period after initial R Bat is black, not brown (i.e., 1st Topps 'P' barely shows)
  # 226 has no period after initial R
  192QuallsNormalBlue stripe on crotch
  198 Mets Celebrate Number on back is normal Number on back has no "Topps" nor circle
   199 Orioles Win ... Front circle background orange Front circle background red
  212SantoriniNormalLarge black bird shaped mark in sky
   216 Niekro No vertical line betwen 6' and 1" (?) Vertical line betwen 6' and 1"
  220 Carlton Position is in solid red Position is in dull red
    NormalExtra white line behind head top left edge
  238 Laboy Pink is very faint Most of shirt and bats soaked In pink
  244 Checklist 3 Bat is brown, gap between 4s in card number Bat is red
  # 328 is Law, # 353 is Zepp
  White bat on front (?)
  257HigginsNormalPink dot in sky above head
   263 Josephson Normal Large faint red stain on uniform back
   276 Hunt Normal Red stain creeping onto uniform from left
 8/15/16 281CoxNormalLarge black dot under y of Casey
 8/15/16 285BlairNormalPink bat
 6/11/17 295UpshawRed team nameOrange team name
  299BradfordNormalBlack bar on bridge of nose
  302JamesVertical pole touches middle of hatGap between vertical pole and side of hat
  303 Alyea Full ball in cartoon on back No ball in cartoon
  Partial ball in cartoon
  337McCormickNormalWisps of cloud above head
  339EdwardsNormal"Fish hook" white line hanging from O in Astros
  343 Checklist 4 Bat is brown  Bat is red
    Bat is brownBottom four names on front are smeared
  347 Snyder Normal   Blue teardrop beside bat at top on front
  353 Williams Normal Small blue dot on forehead
  354OtisNormalRed blob on forehead
 8/12/17 357BurdaNormalRed bleed on light, zipper, butt & behind back
  369FosterNormalBlack dot on cap brim
   389 Shellenback Normal Dashed black line entering top left
   401 Giants Rookies Normal "Giants" red ink smeared upwards 
 9/3/17    Black dot left of team name
 9/3/17    White sky blob left of Harrell's head
  412 Burchart Normal Stray horizontal yellow line above cartoon
  424 Kilkenny White inside number circle Normal yellow color inside number circle
  432 Checklist 5 "Baseball" is white "Baseball" is yellow
 7/5/17 450-69The Sporting NewsTop boxes redOne or both top boxes orange (have 465,
   499 Lockwood Normal Glove is blood red
  505HoltzmanNormalReverse heavily smudged with black ink
  509Montreal ExposNormalReverse donut at top over Expos and
smudged middle
     Reverse donut at top over Expos and no
smudged middle
  514HovleyNormalHorizontal card-wide scratch above belt
   526 Herbel Normal White donut to right of forehead
  534 Twins Normal Team name red ink and photo shifted to
   537 Morgan Normal Black dot above top front border
  542 Checklist 6 Bat is gray Bat is brown
  544Reds TeamTeam name is all redTeam name starts red and fades to light
orange at end
 7/4/16 558FullerNormalHorizontal black line mid-left border
  570FregosiPickup in backgroundNo pickup ?
     Horizontal black line in mid-right border
  588 Checklist 7 # 666 is Adolfo # 666 is Adolpho
   609 Martinez Team name is red Team name bright orange
  666 Phillips Height not blotched Height is partly blotched
  8 McQueen No clouds With white clouds (?)
  Black dot cloud
  13W Sox RookiesNormalTeam and player names speckled with
  21McGinnNormalEntire front border speckled with pale blue
  22RoofNormalHorizontal dark smear from lower lip to
rear player's knee
  25GastonNormalHorizontal orange slash on top of left bicep
     Horizontal orange slash on top of left forearm
  28KlimkowskiNormalLarge black blob after team name
 12/12/16 29BufordNormalSmall red donut below cap logo
 8/11/17 32da VanonNormalRed shoulder slash and/or large fingerprint
lower left
  42 Day Dark light post behind head Green light post
  67 ERA Leaders Normal White string trailing off top of hat
  77 Compton Blue mark in middle of bottom white border No blue mark
  83 Mets Rookies Normal Vertical red streak through Foli's hat
  Black border ink runs into Foli red
  85 Grabarkewitz Red dot in sky No red dot
  87 Heidemann "Indians" in green "Indians" in blue
  93 Senator Rookies No black dot Black dot on Riddleberger's cheek
 6/30/16 97WickerNormalBlue blob over team ER
  112 Mota "Dodgers" in red "Dodgers" in orange
  123 Checklist 2 123 on back to right 123 on back centered
  Helmet red, not orange
  133 Lolich Normal One eye upward (?)
  White shadow over left shoulder
 7/8/16    White bob after team
  145 Singer Normal Light red stain on hat logo
  148 Mayberry Red dot between "Mayberry" and "1st" Smallish red dot
 6/30/16    Teeny speck of red dot
  No red dot at all
  153RossNormalWhite drippings (bird crap) on middle card
 6/30/16 155HendersonNormalColored blob center of cap
  161 Coins Checklist Black border under orange circle, 161 on back is low No black border under orange circle, 161 on
back is high
  No black border under orange circle, 161 on
back is low
  173GarridoNormalBottom of "shortstop" blacked out
  183HodgesNormalEarring variation (yellow donut in top of his
right ear)
 7/2/16 185JavierNormalBlue drip on A of CARDS
  190TolanNormalBlack dot cloud across card middle
  197 Game 3 AL Playoffs Normal White donut after "1970"
 9/3/17 198Orioles CelebrateNormalBack mostly very faint
 6/11/16202Reds CelebrateNormalMixed white and blue in title letters
 7/8/16    Black bleed into bottom letters
  206 Checklist 3 Orange helmet Red helmet
 10/13/16    Extra wide white band on helmet front
  207FosterNormalPink donut on inside of right bicep
  214FerarraNormalShort lightning bolt right side over hands
  226 Russell Normal White donut before "Dodgers"
   243 May Normal Green splotch on chin
  251RebergerNormalWhite partial circle in upper right border
     Squirrely white blob left side of head
  265 Northrup No black blob Black blob on right (variations in darkness
of blob)
  281WaltonNo blobSolid black blob on blue background in
black circle mid-bottom border
  305SmithNormalHorizontal and vertical green streaks
  306 Nash Normal White donut in sky
  Black blob on left
  Red bulls-eye on cap
  319 Cline Light clouds upper left Heavy clouds (?)
   324 Nettles Normal Donut over "ba" in "base"
 5/23/16 337AlouNo black line in top of Astros TThin black line in top of Astros T
  338 Tenace Normal Blue donut in left border
 5/13/16 350PenaNormalYellow blob on grass lower right corner
 7/8/16 352DoyleNormal2nd i in Phillies is part blue
  355HarrelsonNormalLarge green streak right side
 9/3/17 365JohnsonNormalLarge blue donut top right
  369 Checklist 4 Small line on helmet above ear, red helmet Small line on helmet above ear, orange
  Faint dotted line across helmet
 6/30/16    White box has light blue inner liner
  371 Hiatt No blob Small white blob after position
  378 Fuentes Sharp straight black border bottom Irregular black border bottom
  385WillsNormalName partially blacked out from bleeding
  387HerbelNormalReverse black ink smudges left side and
around head
  389BrinkmanNormalHuge yellow/white balloon lower right corner
  390BeckertNormalOrang-ish slashes behind signature G in
 5/24/16 392JacksonNormalMini-dot over J in Jackson
 5/24/16   NormalBlue half-donut in bottom edge of card
  429 Hinton Normal Black slash upper left back inset photo (?)
  448RobertsNormalTwo blue squares in middle of right border
  476 Maxvill Normal Clay Carroll on back
  492 Boswell No black dot Black dot in upper left white border
 8/12/17 494Braves RookiesNormalBlack loopy line by "pitcher"
  499 Checklist 5 Normal Names on front in bold
  515 Morton No line over hat Thin black line over hat
  547DobsonNormalPink squiggly lip barnacle
  552BradfordNo blotchesBlack blotches over shoulder
   568 Campisi    Normal Red lipstick mark on nose
  619 Checklist 6 Copyright on back, helmet has front and rear shadows No copyright on back, helmet has no shadows
  Copyright on back, helmet has only thick
black rear shadow
  636 Lemaster No black blob Black blob on left cheek on back
  639HallerNormalWhite clouds in upper left sky
  662 Hedlund Normal Oversized card
  671 Voss Normal Blank back
  693PenaNormalBlue/white splotches left border and mid-left
side of card
 9/9/17 732ReedNormalSmall red marks by right ear
 9/9/17    Large fingerprint in upper left sky
 9/9/17    Large donut over cap
  1Pirates teamNormalRed dot in border above P in Pirates
  5BatemanNo black lineBlack line in top border
   12 Cardenal Normal Donut on W in Brewers
  18 Pizarro Normal Green under Cubs' C and S
  29 Bonham Normal Green under Cubs' C and S
     White slash on shirt right of 52
  39BartonNormalBlue upper right interrupted with vertical
white bar and speckles
     Faint red shadow right of cap
  45 Beckert Normal Green under Cubs' C and S
  48Ellis In ActionNormalCurved green swipe left side of picture (vars)
  103 Checklist 2 Normal gap Larger gap between Messersmith and 188
     Faint cloud over middle of card front
 7/8/16 113MoretNormalYellow bleed over name at bottom
   117 James Normal Green under Cubs' C and S
   148 Billings Normal Team name has thin white lines where blue
should be
 10/13/16 173KirbyNormalGray background over 173 on reverse
  195CepedaNormalSmall break right side inner border
  208PappasNormalLarge white donut on CUBS S
  209RudiNo slashMostly vertical slash across card (variations)
   216 Niekro Normal Vert black line between 6' and 1"
  219StennettNormalWhite streak in sky upper left
  239TimmermannNormalBlack lines in upper right border (variations)
251 Checklist 3 Print touches bottom border Print does not touch bottom border
  268 A's Rookies Normal Blank back
  300Aaron IANormalHorizontal light print line across legs
  306 Boswell IA Normal Red streak or blurry red fog on front
 5/13/16 322PenaNormalDotted wavy blue line across entire top of
card plus blue squiggly on left forearm
 12/20/16 323WeaverNormalWavy white blob over middle of team
 12/20/16 327AlouWith black line in team TNo black line in team T
  348 Bando Boyhood Normal Blank back
  378 Checklist 4 Asterisk on back is hand-drawn Asterisk on back is typed
   463 Carbo Normal Blue squiggle upper right of S in Reds
  473 McGinn Full black border on top Top border is chopped off
  478 Checklist 5 Smaller print front Larger print front
  516BrownNormalMilt Wilcox back
  530 Sutton Uniform is gray Uniform is white
  534 Hickman Normal Green under Cubs' C and S
 7/2/16    Cross-hatching all along left border
 8/19/16 555 NormalBlue slash on cap
  556SantoNormalLarge rainbow swirl middle of front
  574Peterson IANo extra redExtra red bottom border
  584McNertneyNormalVarying amounts of faint large fingerprint
in middle of sky
     Large yellow blob at back of neck
  604 Checklist 6 Copyright to right Copyright to left
  607 Duffy Normal Team letters all yellow
 12/20/16 619McKinneyNormalBlue line over team EE
  643GibsonNormalWhite stain over SS in Russ on front
  764BakerNormalBack is yellow, not brown
  12 Zimmer - Mgr Background orange, Podres has no ears Orange background, Podres has ears
  Brown background, Podres has right ear
  Brown background, Podres missing right ear
  20 Bahnsen No gaps Small gap left border
  31 Bell No gaps Large or small gap in right border
  49 Quilici - Mgr No trees in background Background has trees, Morgan has right ear
  Background has trees, Morgan missing rt ear
  64 SB Leaders No gaps Small gap right border
  74 Champion No gaps One small gap top border
  Two small gaps top border
  79 Willoughby No green speck Green speck above left eye
  81 Lockman - Mgr Background orange, no trees Background orange, has trees
  93 Alou No gaps Small gap right border
  96 Griffin Normal White streak through "base" on front
  100 Aaron No gaps Small gap right border
  101 Henderson - Mgr No gaps Small gap left border
  106 Humphrey No gaps Small gaps left and right borders
  113 Grote No gaps Small gap top border
  116 Houk - Mgr Background orange Background brown
  124 Hardin Normal Big green blob in grass at left
  128 Sizemore No green stripe at top near bat Green stripe at top near bat
  129 Forster No gaps Small gap right border
  131 Kasko - Mgr Background orange Background brown
  136 Weaver - Mgr Background orange Background brown
  179 Williams - Mgr Background orange, Noren and Horscheit have no left ears Background brown
  Background orange, Noren and Horscheit
have left ears
  Background orange, Stock has white spot
over cap logo
  180 Jenkins Normal Black horizontal mark through left border
  201 Hendrick Yellow baseball on front White baseball on front
  237 Mathews - Mgr Background orange, Busby has right ear Background brown
  Background orange, Busby missing right ear
  252 Fox - Mgr Background orange Background brown
  254 Stoneman No gaps Small gap left border
  257 Berra - Mgr Background orange Background brown
  Background orange, Yost hat brim visible
  271 Hutton No gaps Small gap top border
  276 Lovitto No gaps Small gap right border
  280KalineNo bandaidForehead bandaid over right eye just under
   284     Borgmann Normal Black side borders mis-aligned
  291 Moret No gaps Small border gap
         Black side borders mis-aligned
  297 W Williams Normal Grass partly yellow left side
  Large gap left border
  323 B Martin - Mgr Background dark orange Background light orange
  329 Kranepool Normal Yellow scratch marks on grass, black side
borders mis-aligned
  335 Tolan No gaps Small gap right border
  336 Bradley No gaps Small gap right border
  337 Duncan No gaps Small gap left border
  373 Small gap right or top border
  368 Buckner No gaps Small gaps left and bottom borders
  377 Mauch - Mgr Background dark orange Background light orange
  379 Acosta Logo circle is red Logo circle orange
  391 Lacy Normal Grass partly blue right side
  393 Cardenal Normal Red blob on cap
  417 Spinks No gaps Gap in top border
  Gaps in top, left and right borders
  421 Winkles - Mgr Background orange Background brown
  422 Robertson Normal Green specks in hair and below elbow
  426 LaRoche Normal Inset photo leg gap (?)
  428 Simpson No gaps Gaps in top, left and right, not just left and
right, borders
  Gaps in left and right borders
  430 Blue No gaps Small gap left border
  Small gap right border
  432 Frisella Normal Chunk missing lower left border
  434 Giants No gaps Gaps in top and bottom borders
  443 Thompson No gaps Small gaps left and right borders
  449 Aspromonte - Mgr Background orange Background brown
  452 Casanova Normal Yellow scratches on right edge of grass
   458 Mason Normal Black mark on shirt back letter
  459 Howarth No gaps Small gaps left and right borders
   463 Tatum Normal Red slash through inset figure
  466 Arcia No gaps Small gap top border
  467 Ryan No gaps Small gap right border
  478 W Johnson No gaps Small gap right border plus white spots
  482 Reuschel No gaps Large gaps left and right borders
  485 Cash Normal, no gaps Small gap left border
  Red specks in dirt and face
         Green specks in dirt and lower half uniform
  486 Ozark - Mgr Background orange, no gaps Coaches background brown
  Background orange, gaps in top and bottom
  497 Schoendienst - Mgr Background light orange Brown background 
  Background dark orange
  504 E Williams No gaps Small gaps both side borders
  508 G Brown No gaps Large gaps left and right borders
  514 Kenney No gaps Small gap top border
  517 Virdon - Mgr Background orange Background brown
  521 Braves Normal Tigers on front
  523 Granger No gaps Large gaps left and right borders
  526 O Brown No gaps Two large gaps lower left border
  Gap upper right border
  528 Blair No specks White specks on face
 9/1/17 584ArnoldNormalNumbers in right border
  640 Bosman No gaps Small gap left border
  32 Grubb San Diego Washington
  53 Kendall San Diego Washington
  77 Troedson San Diego Washington
  102 Greif San Diego Washington
  125 Colbert San Diego Washington
  148 Hilton San Diego Washington
  173 Jones San Diego Washington
  197 Romo San Diego Washington
  226 Padres San Diego Washington
  241 Beckert San Diego Washington
  250 McCovey San Diego Washington
  309 Roberts San Diego Washington
  340 Munson "New York" in yellow letters "New York" in white letters
  364 Gaston San Diego Washington
  379 B Martin Normal "es" in Coaches obscured on front
  387 Morales San Diego Washington
   397         Stone Normal #463 Dobson on back
   471 NL Playoff Normal #494 Goodson on back
  483 Braves Normal Lightning in sky
  550 McDowell Normal Red patch on glove and face
  White donut above "Yankees" on front
  Doughnut in "D" on front
  599 Rookie Pitchers Freisleben - Sand Diego in small print Freisleben - Washington
  Freisleben - San Diego in large print
  606 Rookie Outfielders Background is red Background is orange
  608 Rookie Pitchers Apodaca Apodaco
  629 Staub Normal Back has John Odom info
  654 Alou Normal No position listed on front
 1974 Teams
  1 … 24    ---    1 asterisk on back 2 asterisks on back
     ---    Oakland A's 2 *, green background on front 2*, front background is half blue, half green
  10 Davis Clouds in upper right, white mixed with blue in "Expos" No clouds in upper right, "Expos" all blue
  41 Geronimo Normal Red blob below "o" in Geronimo
 12/10/17 72Royals TeamNormalHeavy vertical black line left of photo
   98 Folkers Normal Stray green line in stats box between clubs
and games
  106 Hargrove Normal, some pink on back No pink on back, red instead
  111GarrettNormalRed ink bleed over left side
   149 Foli Normal Border white continues around position circle on front
  165 Rader Normal Upper left corner dark blue, patches of lt
blue in lower half
   181             Beene Normal Extra large dimension card
  252SchermanNormalYellow dots under team (variations)
   281 Slaton Normal Red squiggle between B and R in Brewers
  344 Oglivie Normal Blank back
  366 Sanders Lower background brown Lower background black
  414 Mota Normal Blank back
  443Twins TeamNormalBlack vertical line in left border
  449 C Williams Normal Bright pink circle behind bio
  537HarperNormalPinkish fingerprint over Sox 
  540BrockNormalRed donut after Cardinals
  595NiekroNormalBlue donut after last name
  624 Rookie Pitchers Normal Small white donut over "Konieczny"
  643StromNormalGreen splotch by sideburn
     White splotch by sideburn
     Purple splotch by sideburn