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Topps Variations (1960 - 1969) -- updated 3/21/18

Key: Black = Have. Red = Need.
(?) = Exists??
 7/6/17 6Berberet NormalWhite smear through middle of surname  
9 Throneberry Senators logo Yankees logo (test run?)  
  10BanksNormalPrinting in bottom white border  
  33MorganNormalHorizontal and vertical alignment lines upper right corner  
  39AverillNormalYellow streaks missing in right end bottom box  
 8/19/16 40CunninghamNormalLarge red bleed on front  
 9/25/16 50KalineNormalPrint lines top left corner  
  52PhilleySolid white bar at crotch2 vertical black lines in white crotch bar  
     White crotch bar is broken but no black lines  
 8/12/17 55MazeroskiNormalBlue blob, full or partial, in left border  
58 Cimoli Pirates logo Cardinals logo (test run?)  
60 Triandos Normal   Cutouts in top and bottom of right end of stats box  
     Mini-bleed of blue on left end blue bar  
80 Antonelli Normal stat box and name letters uneven Cutouts in top and bottom of right end of stats box and name letters even  
102 Hadley Yankees logo Athletics logo (test run?)  
 9/1/17 112HarshmanNormalNo copyright symbol  
 10/29/17 138Mahaffey Rookie StarFull width brown background on reverseShortened brown background  
 2/13/18 155NealNormalBlue squiggly lines over left ear  
170 Crandall Normal No Name on back  
 1/2/17 190WoodlingNormalWhite curving line beside inset photo  
  194SmithNormalLower half of E in outfield botched  
     Second I in Philadelphia botched on front  
     Bagel over o in Outfield on front  
 8/12/17 195McDanielNormalYellow donut by inset photo head  
 5/13/16 198LynchNo yellow lineYellow line between orange and green backgrounds  
  226SawyerNormalWhite bleed into cap below pennant  
  262BauerNormalSmall white bleed into lower left edge of green bar  
265 Repulski Normal Bottom of "K" in Repulski missing on front  
 7/14/16 276McBrideNormalRed mark in left border at head level  
293 Conley Normal Glove shadow on front extends into border  
         Full glove on front extends into border  
  296ChittumNormalBottom background yellow missing plus large pink splotches  
307 Oliver Normal Two shades of blue in inset photo??  
 8/12/17    Large horseshoe-shaped donut-like chin blob  
326 Clemente White letters front Yellow letters front  
375 … 440    ---    Gray backs White backs  
  384CardwellNormalWhite swirl around head in inset photo  
  397BlasingameNormalBlue ball on right hip in inset photo  
 8/12/17 459Cincinnati CoachesNo blobsVarious combinations of yellow, lilac and blue blobs and blue in white separators  
 8/12/17 460Indians CoachesNormalBlue in white separators  
 4/18/17 468Cards CoachesNormalPale lilac blob over logo  
492 Jackson Normal Blue tinge on white letters on front  
 12/24/16 497TsitourisNormalWhite shoulder / face  
 1/2/17    Wide whiteout covering most of card left  
  498PilarcikNormalLight blue bleed in and below blue rectangle  
 10/27/16 501SchmidtNo gray blur in middle left borderWith or without blue dots middle right edge  
    Gray blur (variations) in middle left borderWith or without blue dots middle right edge  
 8/12/17 541CurryNormalBig white blob over TONY Y  


7 White Sox Logo has yellow wing Logo has white wing  
11 Simmons Has line between G and IP Missing line between G and IP  
17 Checklist 1 Boxes slightly above bottom of names Boxes slightly below bottom of names  
  37MaxwellNormalGreen bleeds into baseball on back  
38 Lillis Normal Yellow curlicue below first name  
  40TurleyNormalGreen bleeds slightly into baseball on back  
 2/13/18 42AL Batting LeadersNormalSmall red slash over Smith's name  
47 Pitching Leaders Normal Burdette has vertical line after 19  
  56KemmererNormalGreen bleeds into both margins on back  
     Green bleeds slightly into baseball on back  
   62 Pilarcik Normal Middle of top border is ragged and has orange-ish shape to right of bat.  
         Top border has blue shape to right of bat.  
 8/21/16 65KluszewskiNormalLarge waterfall from nose  
  68JohnsonNormalGreen bleeds slightly into baseball on back  
72 Miller Normal Yellowish tint  
     Partial characters printed in upper left border  
  74PignatanoNormalThin black line from left bicep to right border  
75 Lindy Shows Larry No space between Title and Names Small space between Title and Names  
  78Walls NormalGreen bleeds into right margin on back  
  83BruceEyes looking aheadEyes looking up  
 12/30/16    Short horizontal black line top right corner  
  84MayeNormalLight green stain spread over name  
  89MartinNormalLarge smeary waterfall coming out of ear  
  91MorynNormalLarge gap in green fill above "LEAGUE BATTING" on back  
97 Lynch Normal White circle with black center to right of "outfield" on back  
         White donut at end of team name  
98 Checklist 2 "Checklist" in yellow letters, black number in white circle "Checklist" in red letters  

"Checklist" in yellow letters, white number in black circle  
   100 Haddix Normal White donut by teaam name, red donut in lower border  
106 Herzog No line between 2B and 3B Line between 2B and 3B on back  
107 Morehead Normal Top of copyright line cut off on back  
         Vertical white line on right of team box  
108 Dobbek Normal Line between 2B and 3B on back  
112 Fernandez No line between LEA and G on back Line between LEA and G on back  
115 Antonelli Normal Brown smear behind left ear.  

Small purplish blob under chin  
 10/1/16 116DeMaestriNormalLight green blob on right eye  
 9/1/17 121GrbaNormalLower bottom right border missing  
 5/13/16 137DressenNo gray Gray lines behind name and team (variations)  
 04/14/17 152TorgesonNormalGray bleed bottom border  
161 Jones Unbroken line Stats on back have broken line above "M" in "Team"  
  163SadowskiNormalVertical white line through E in ED  
   165 Cimoli Normal Faint dark blob intruding upper left   
170 Smith Normal No name on back  

At least 5 small circular breaks in bottom borders  
  171FoytackNormalThin vertical line on left leg  
183 Rodgers Normal Two blue lines on left shoulder  
186 Valo Normal Break in bottom right border  
 5/16/17 188MarshallNormalTiny pink dots on cap  
189 Checklist 3 No number 4 Number 4 shows on player at left  
 8/5/17 197HallNormalFace very pale, throat very red  
201 Whisenant Little space between Title and Name More space between Title and Name  
203 Bressoud Normal Jagged blue line left of cap  
  204SkinnerNormalGreen bleeds slightly into baseball on back  
206 Green Little space between Title and Name More space between Title and Name  
    NormalShort horizontal white line upper right corner (matches Hardy)  
  207Dodger SouthpawsNormalGreen bleeds into left margin on back  
 2/16/18    Blue line right of Podres head with small black line top right border  
208 Osborne Normal Line between name and team is incomplete  
         White donut above B in Osborne.  
210 Runnels Background behind name is red Background behind name is orange  
213 Stafford Background behind team is red Background behind team is orange  
220 Drott No line between AB and R on back Line between AB and R on back  
  229HernandezNormalGreen bleeds into right margin on back  
  230HoakNormalGreen mark on belt and at left border by shoulder  
  234LepcioNormalVertical white line right edge of team box blue   
 7/3/16    Black box upper right corner  
 9/1/17 236GileNormalBlue sky blob right of bat end  
   239         Sisler Background behind name is red Background behind name is orange  
  242SmithNormalHorizontal lt blue line upper right sky  
249 Reds Normal Notch in black in lower right border  
  253TaylorNormalGreen bleeds slightly into baseball on back  
   256 Hoeft No gap Small gap upper left black border  
         Large gap upper left black border  
  257HardyNormalShort horizontal white line upper left corner (matches Green)  
     Team name obscured by yellow squiggles  
 12/30/16    Black border around cap logo is extra sharp  
    Position not very close to namePosition very close to name  
259 Schaive Background behind name is red Background behind name is orange  
263 Hamlin Normal Red behind name extends down outside border  
265 Kubek Background behind name is red Background behind name is orange  
   266 McDaniel Normal Orange or green dots between shin and wrist.  
268 DeLock Normal Green behind team extends down outside border  
271 Landis Normal Bat extends upward past top border  
273 Checklist 4 Copyright symbol next to 336 Copyright symbol next to 339  
 8/21/16 277FoilesNormalSmall yellow block lower right corner  
279 Pagan Normal Green bleeds into both margins on back  
  281SullivanNormalGreen streaks in and over hair  
282 Throneberry Background behind team is red Background behind team is orange  
  287YazNormalYellow blob in front of face  
289 Moore Normal Blank back  
298 Golden Normal #293 on back  
   299 Dalrymple Red cap Cap is black  
  332DottererNormalBlack squiggly thread extends from right ear onto cheek  
  349McDevittNormalGreen bleeds slightly into baseball on back  
361 Checklist 5 Normal Ad on back  
   376 Roarke Normal Lower right corner covered with yellow ink print dots  
  377GomezNormalWhite splotch over first h in Philadelphia  
  381WickershamNormalBlue splotch over C in City  
     Small bubble in top border left end  
 4/18/17 393Batter BafflersNormalLarge green donut on Hobbie's cap + partial vertical line lower right border  
  433MahaffeyNormalFaint blue blob on grass beside right mid-section  
437 Checklist 6 #440 is Luis #440 is Louis  
447 Bright Normal Blue swoosh in sky  

Spider-webbing in sky  
     Green bleeds slightly into baseball on back  
  449BolinNormalLight yellow stain over card front  
     Horizontal black line at card front bottom  
461 Burgess Background behind team is red Background behind team is orange  
463 Fisher Normal Braves team card  
466 Moeller Missing line between G and IP Line between G and IP on back  
         No green color on back  
     Sky is filled with white dots  
 4/18/17 469LumentiNormalLarge colorless teardrop blob upper left quadrant  
  471RizzutoNormalHorizontal black line at card front top  
  473Shantz MVPNormalGreen dot on back just above "southpaw"  
492 Fairly Normal Green bleeds slightly into number circle on back  
     Black mark on top of back  
 7/3/16    White blob on yellow left of team name  
498 Herbert Background behind name is red Background behind name is orange  
  501DemeritNormalGreen bleeds slightly into baseball on back  
504 Consolo No line between 2B and 3B Line between 2B and 3B on back  
 12/30/16    Faint red bat extension on front  
516 Checklist 7 Strip of grass at photo bottom No strip of grass at photo bottom  
  517McCoveyNormalName on front smeared by fingerprint  
     Name on front faint and faded  


  many --No lines at top or bottomHorizontal line at top or bottom  
    Curl shadow all blackCurl shadow gray in middle  
 5/16/17 2Batting LeadersNormalBorder break lower left side (variations)  
 7/4/16 4DeMeritNormalWhite light spray right of neck  
22 Checklist 1 121-176 on back, yellow front 33-88 on back  

121-176 on back, greenish-yellow front  
 9/1/17 27CottierNormalBright blue donut cap brim  
 7/4/16 42KingNormalLarge pink blob on throat  
 04/14/17 49JonesNormalRed blob with green center top white border middle  
 7/11/16 71LeMayNormalShort orange streak under ear  
 7/4/16 72Bob's PupilsNormalRed bleed / smear on Boros' face  
 7/4/16 78GreenNormalGreen smear under right nostril  
 12/30/16    Left side of face is green  
 9/1/17    Right half of sky is mottled pink  
 12/30/16 87RoarkeNormalTiny red circles on left elbow  
 12/30/16 95HoakNormalGreen donut on upper lip  
98 Checklist 2 Light wood, boxes even with numbers Light wood, boxes lower than numbers  

Dark wood, numbers and names not bold  

Dark wood, numbers and names are bold  
  106SawatskiNormalBlue squiggly in sky near bottom of flagpole  
     Squiggly plus large red lips on cap  
 9/1/17    Red and black dots over most of body and face  
110-196         ----- Normal Green tint (Need #138)  
 11/5/16 124PleisGreen tintWith red line on right sleeve  
 11/5/16    With red line on cap  
  129WallsPlain jerseyPinstriped jersey  
132 Angels Normal With inset photos  
  135Babe As A BoyNormal Vertical scratch between A and Boy  
134 Hoeft Facing slightly left Facing nearly straight  
139 Babe Hits 60 Pole in left background No pole  
  147KunkelWith ball variation - curl shadow solid blackWith ball variation - curl shadow partly gray  
162 Drake Normal Purple scribble on front right  
 6/10/16    Pink dot on turtleneck  
 3/9/17    Pink line by left ear and pink turtleneck dot  
 11/5/16 173HernandezGreen tintRed blobs scattered on dark background  
 04/14/17 176YostGreen tintRed blobs on shirt sleeve  
 9/1/17 185SheldonGreen tintOrange/red meteors over much of card  
 04/14/17 186JonesNormalBlank back  
  189HallNormalVertical gray goop below nose   
     Vertical gray goop below nose airbrushed away, green tint  
 11/5/16 191BrewerGreen tintSmall red splotches cap brim and collar plus yellow blob top right edge,  
192 Checklist 3 Check List 3 (no comma in #192, number circle is lower on reverse)Boxes are just slightly low compared to numbers (corresponds to black edging being beside white border) OR boxes are noticeably lower compared to numbers (corresponds to black edging being on white border)  
 3/21/18   Check List 3 (comma in #192, number circle is higher on reverse)Boxes are just slightly low OR noticeably lower compared to numbers   
  196FoxGreen tintPinkish pointy object protruding from sock  
 5/13/16   Green tint, no red on armFull or partial red blob right bicep  
    Normal tint, no yellow line, T is cropped Normal tint, yellow line at top, cropped T  
     Normal tint, no yellow line, T is full  
277 Checklist 4 Light wood Dark wood, boxes even with numbers  

Dark wood, boxes lower than numbers  
304 FarrellPaper curl shadow is black Paper curl shadow is gray  
  328WaltersNormalWide vertical pink stripe over "Phila" on front  
332 Buddin Normal Missing part of "A" in "taking an extra base"  
  347 HintonNormalFirst name and team very faint on front  
349 Foytack Lifetime hits 1146 Lifetime hits 1148  
367 Checklist 5 Light wood, brown intrudes into white upper left border Dark wood, notch bottom right white border  
 7/4/16 388DurenNormalThin green line on throat  
441 Checklist 6 "Checklist" in smaller font, boxes lower "Checklist" in larger font, boxes are even  

Boxes are yellow (wide vertical yellow stripe on right border)  

"Checklist" in larger font, yellow extends into black shadow  
  450O'TooleNormalWhite strip across and both sides of nose  
458 Buhl M on cap No M on cap  
462 Tasby W on cap No W on cap  
  474LaryNormalRed ink smudges in LA of LARY  
495 Cardwell Lifetime % .426 (1 dot) Lifetime % ..426 (2 dots)  
496 Causey Normal Background is lilac, not blue  
516 Checklist 7 Front boxes are yellow Front boxes are white  
518 Maye Normal Vertical red streak through middle of card  
  522McDanielNormalGreen blob on right hand  
  593    Rookie Parade PitchersNo white blobWhite blob in front of Anderson's chin  


  5ERA Leaders
NormalLeft border missing front
     Yellow background at top extends 1/2 OR 3/4 to left edge  
  8Pitching LeadersNormalRed stain on Donovan's cheek  
     Long red figure on Donovan's cap  
  11WallsNormalYellow blotch above or below name  
  13Phillies TeamNormalSmall white blob in lower left of inset circle  
     Red "rain" over most of card  
     Red background does not reach card bottom  
     Large white theta behind stats  
  14RamosNormalWhite line left of blue box at bottom  
  17DurenNo color between inset photo belt and red backgroundYellow or white between inset photo belt and red background  
21 Keough Green extends to card edge White vertical line right of green box  

Yellow vertical line right of green box  

Blue vertical line right of green box  
     Yellow blob under name  
  22SimmonsNormalDusty yellow bleed below inset circle  
  27ColemanNormalDark red blob right of cap  
28 Fornieles Green extends to card edge White vertical line right of green box  

Yellow vertical line right of green box  

Blue vertical line right of green box  
     Hat and sleeves dappled in inset photo  
 6/23/17    White double donut in stat box  
29 Rookie Stars 1962 1963  
  30KuennYellow bar extends to left borderWhite strip left of yellow bar (variations)+ break left end stat line  
  7/4/16     Yellow blob in inset circle  
     Inset photo black parts of uniform are gray  
  31KoonceNormalGreen blob on edge of cap  
 12/29/16    White arm in inset photo  
 8/6/17    White line to right of red box  
  32GonzalezNormalGreen blob just inside left border mid-height  
  34SchofieldNormalWhite line to right of blue box  
39 Angels G and E in "Angels" on back not connected G and E connected in "Angels" on back and red and blue lines top of front logo  
     White blob above NG in Angels  
40 Power Green extends to card edge White vertical line left of green box  

Yellow vertical line left of green box  

Blue vertical line left of green box  
42 Williams Normal Blank back  
 2/13/18    Vertical white right of red bar  
 2/13/18    Lilac blob at top of cap  
 2/13/18    Inset photo is dappled  
  43Veteran MastersNormalEntire left end of red bar is splotchy yellow  
  47LockNo scratchesRed scratches back of left wrist  
     Horizontal intermittent red line very bottom of yellow bar  
  50PierceNormalYellow blob after 'Bill'  
52 Schilling White bat Red bat  
  53MoellerNormalBlue bleeds into left side of top border  
     Vertical white strip left of yellow bar (variations)  
 7/4/16    Green blobs on uniform left sleeve and chest  
54 Rookie Stars 1962 1963  
  56BennettNormalSmall blue blob in green just under photo  
 12/29/16 57MoranNormalInset photo background is half mottled  
  61BowmanNormalYellow blotches before surname  
 4/29/17    Yellow blot over GIANTS' S  
  62HendleyNormalRed stain to right of forehead  
 7/4/16 70O'TooleNormalTop border break  
  73BraganNormalHorizontal red line in top border  
     Black right border extends down  
     Tiny black squiggles on left shoulder  
 8/6/17 75AllisonBlack hat insert photoGray hat  
79 Checklist 1 Has black border on top No black border on top  

#79 shifted slightly right of center in box, names in bold  
     Yellow bleed in bottom border on back (variations)  
     Black top border is green instead  
 7/4/16 80GilliamNormalTwo vertical red lines front  
  81SchafferWhite patch on leg in inset photoPatch is gray like uniform in inset photo  
     Patch is lighter gray than uniform, but not white, in inset photo  
  83JamesNormalInset photo left arm and glove mostly white  
  84KlineNormalWhite line to right of blue box  
     Red stain / bleed on forehead and right shoulder  
 8/6/17 85HallerNormalInset photo grayed plus green blob on cap brim  
  87VealeNormalRed fog over top right sky  
  88HansenNormalRed tinge on upper deck roof  
     Red bleed on forehead  
  89StigmanNormalWhite line to left of blue box  
     Red stain on left shoulder  
94 Schmidt Normal Blank back  
 8/6/17    Red splotches on right cheek  
  96ClintonNormalWhite blob after surname  
 8/6/17    White blob on surname  
  98ThomasNormalYellow bleed at top of stat box  
  99UmbrichtNormalHorizontal red line in top border  
 8/6/17    Horizontal yellow line in top border  
  100CunninghamNormalLonger dash, orange bleed into top border, and border break on reverse  
     Short dash top left corner  
     Longer dash with light bluish bleed into top and left borders  
102 Checklist 2 "Checklist" in white There is a small white blob after Cisco and 112 is partly obscured  
     There is a small white blob after Cisco and 112 is not obscured  
     "Checklist" in red, little space between 2nd series and Topps  
     White gap between red and blue on front  
     "Checklist" in red, bigger space between 2nd series and Topps  
  103EssegianNormalYellow bleed into left border on reverse  
  104KrausseNormalHorizontal yellow band across middle of card  
     Blue ball between knee and forearm  
105 Fairly Green extends to card edge White vertical line left of green box  

Yellow vertical line left of green box - Have but yellow line is very thin  

Blue vertical line left of green box  
 8/6/17    Blue blob under team  
  107HickmanNormalRed stain on left shoulder  
 8/6/17 108WilhelmNormalYellow blotches in inset photo  
  109MayeNormalBlue blob over A in Maye  
  112BrownNormalVertical yellow line over inset photo sleeve  
     White donut on left arm in inset photo  
     Reverse blurred from double strike  
 7/4/16    Extra thick white bat in inset photo  
  114OsinskiNormalSmall white blob over n in Dan  
117 Davis Elbow does not touch red border in inset photo Elbow does touch red border in inset photo  
 8/6/17 118LollarNormalSmall white comet under name  
121 Hannan Normal Stray orange line extending from copyright on back  
  124HowserNormalYellow blob looks like a baseball in inset photo  
  127TuttleNormalYellow blob between hands in inset photo  
 7/4/16 133FreeseNormalLong blue blob lower left border  
 8/20/16    Vertical lines in top border left end  
 9/1/17    Gray bat  
134 Scheffing Normal Partial pink line on top of yellow box on front  
     Blue drippy streaks on front  
 7/4/16    Right shoulder half gray blob  
  136DelockNormalNames filled with gray dots  
  149BreedingNormalYellow blob off right shoulder in inset photo  
  152NischwitzNormalYellow blob middle bottom under inset circle  
  159PagliaroniNormalBlue drippy streaks over card front  
 8/20/16 160PizarroNormalRed blob left edge of cap brim  
 12/29/16 167FregosiNo blue dotBlue dot in sky above trees  
  170 AdcockNormalWhite squigglies under second C in Adcock  
     Tall long thick blue streaks in sky right side of card  
173 Bombers' Best No dark shadows around bat knob between Mick's legs Dark shadows around bat knob between Mick's legs  
 7/4/16 174BurrightNormalSmall yellow circle under METS M  
  175BuhlNormalAngled blue slash on right shirt sleeve  
185 Hiller No black mark before "2 Yrs" in stat box Black mark before "2 Yrs" in stat box  
  186ZimmermanNormalBlack dot cloud right of head  
     Yellow bleed left side of card reverse  
  187KirklandNormalWhite blobs in stat box  
191 Checklist 3 Box around 191 is square, yellow back Box around 191 is square, orange back  
         Box around 191 is rectangular, color bleed upper right reverse  
 7/4/16    White blob over Dalr in #192  
  196CamilliNormalVertical yellow stripe in left border reverse  
  199AmalfitanoNormalSmall red blotch in sky just left of cap top  
  201ButlerNormalDrippy red streaks middle front  
 8/6/17 207HuntNormalDrippy yellow vertical line near right end of green bar  
  211WhitfieldNormalThatch (gray/blue) on middle lower throat  
  222Chicago CubsMascot hair is red and blackMascot hair is white and black  
224 Roarke Black mark under inset photo No black mark under inset photo  
     Faint trace of black mark  
  234NicholsonNormalYellow band between arms in inset photo  
   249 Burke Normal Leo Burke back, Jim Gentile front  
  2531963 RookiesNormalBright yellow blob on Jernigan's chin  
     Bright yellow blob beside Jernigan's head  
 8/21/16 256LumpeNormalLight blue blob on cap brim  
 4/29/17 263StenhouseNormalRed mark on 1st S of surname  
 7/4/16 266AllenInset photo background red, vertical lines blueInset photo background orange, vertical red lines left edge  
  271StoneNormalBreak in bottom line of cartoon box  
274 Checklist 4 Large white box around 274, copyright symbol under "o" Small white box around 274, copyright symbol under "R"  
  277FarrellNormalGreen blob on left bicep  
     Green blob on left bicep with red center  
     Dotted blue streaks on left side  
  280RodgersNormalYellow blob over position 'c' on front  
 8/21/16 291RudolphNormalBlue bump right end of green bar (variations)  
 8/21/16 304BrightNormalSlash on reverse between RBI and AVG  
 8/6/17 309BrewerNormalGreen bump-up left side  
 7/4/16 328WilliamsNormalBlue bump left end of blue bar  
 8/21/16 333WarwickNormalTall red bump on right end of red bar  
341 Baldschun Polkadot slash across inset photo body White slash across inset photo body  
     End tip of green bar sticks up into right border  
     End tip of green bar sticks up and is blue  
  351LuplowNormalLowest level of trophy base is green, not yellow   
  354ZanniNormalSmall blu-ish/green almost-square box above green in lower left border  
362 Checklist 5 362 box is higher than wide 362 box is wider than high  

Red and black boxes in front right margin plus yellow bleeds into number box on back  
     Just red box in right margin w/o reverse bleed  
372 Lee Normal Inset photo cropping variation  
376 Wyatt Normal Inset photo cropping variation and solid vertical line between Year and Team on back  
382 Houk No ink blot Red ink blot on left shoulder  
386 Rookie Stars Normal Inset photo cropping variation  
     Left half of red bar is not solid red but speckled red/yellow  
387 McBean Normal Inset photo cropping variation  
     Partial black line in top border left side  
388 Davenport Normal Inset photo cropping variation  
  403PerranoskiNormalDiffuse large white cloud above and on right top of cap  
404 Oldis Background player (#8) less visible Background player (#8) more visible  
409 Face Normal Inset photo cropping variation  
413 Walker Stripe just shows on left shoulder Stripe does not show on left shoulder  
431 Checklist 6 "Checklist" in black "Checklist" in white  
   433 Menke Normal Small yellow box above green in lower right border  
    NormalBottom background blue not green  
438 Stock Normal Inset photo cropping variation  
439 Zimmer Normal Inset photo cropping variation  
445 Cash Normal Inset photo cropping variation  
454 Fowler Card number not on white background Card number on white background  
  466Rookie StarsNormalLetters CP in lower left border  
509 Checklist 7 Copyright to right Copyright centered  
522 Rookie Stars Normal Orange stain under 1963 on front  
527 Sadowski Normal Missing top border and parts of sides  
         Green line over yellow background  
   533 Shantz Normal Red stain covers face  
2/13/18 542KlimchockNormalMissing top border  
8/21/16 548SatrianoNormalRed bump up left end of red bar  
567 Duffalo Normal White spot with black center on wrist in inset photo  


  1-587ManyNormalVertical thick spotty black line extending up from left or right photo side  
     Orange - red and other light - dark color variations  
1, 2 … 12 Leaders Red letters Orange letters (Need 3-4, 7-9)  
4 Pitching Leaders No apostrophe after "Pitching" on back Apostrophe after "Pitching" on back  
10 HR Leaders Normal Black border bleeds into right white margin in 2 places  
  17KirklandNormalPartial black line at bottom  
  20FriendNormalPink blob mid-top red name bar  
  22AdairNormalFaint blue band at end of bat  
  24SawatskiNormalFirst S in SAWATSKI is white, not yellow  
  26CimoliNormalYellow stripe on shoulder  
  30PerranoskiNormalWhite blob upper left corner blue name box  
  33Reds RookiesNormalPartial border break bottom   
  35MathewsNormalTall blue stripe in lower right border  
     Sharp vertical division, right half of card is faded, left is normal  
 7/3/16 39AguirreNormalVery faint lilac blob over surname U  
41 Friendly Foes Red letters Orange letters  
  45PappasNormalLight green screen across upper face  
  46BrinkmanNormalVertical red line through last S in Senators  
  49HenryNormalWrong back and upside down  
     Yellow blob on cap brim and near elbow  
 7/3/16    Large faint reddish square upper left  
  54MeleNormalHeavy green vertical stripe top right  
61 Angel Backstops Red letters Orange letters  
  62SavageColor bar is dark redColor bar is bright orange  
     Color bar is red on left half and orange on right half  
  63OrsinoNormalWhite blob over surname  
  65AlouNormalBlue, not green, background behind surname  
     A in BRAVES half blue  
76 Checklist 1 Copyright symbol under "M" in Malzone Copyright symbol under space between Frank and Malzone, also dot in #16 John n and underline in #14Rookie o.  
     White slash through O'Dell  
  77WalkerNormalBlack dot on inner left thigh  
 9/1/17    White slashes through IN in INDIANS  
  84WilleyNormalWhite blob over "pitcher"  
  98BrutonNormalWide light yellow vertical band covering 1/3 of card  
     Black mottled sky upper right  
  99StanekNormalShort red streak on left arm shirt cuff  
102 Checklist 2 Normal Red dot in number circle  
    Red "CHECKLIST" misses black borderRed "CHECKLIST" touches black border  
  104MahaffeyNormalWhite blob over first name  
     White blob over last name  
     Thin blue line in sky upper left  
  110PearsonNormalThin green vertical line through left eye  
     Faint blue-ish blob right of cap  
NormalShadows become dark gray stains on uniform  
121 Runnels Normal White blob over "Pete"  
     Black halo between photo and COLTS  
  126SnyderNormalWispy white clouds both ends of blue bar  
  148MartinPure white under WHITE in WHITE SOXLight or dark gray smudges under WHITE in WHITE SOX  
151 Athletics Broken line above "Chi" on back Full line above "Chi" on back  
  152LemasterNormalDark green under name, upper face speckled very white, and Braves partly speckled  
  157MauchNormalTeam name dripping black ink  
     Pink blob top middle of cap  
    Cap is redCap is orange  
  165LumpeNormalBlack photo background bleeding upwards  
  170RadatzNormalBlue cloudy bleed around team name  
  171ClineNormalSeveral gaps in next to top horizontal stat line  
  173DurenNormalLilac smear under left eye  
  183TaylorNormalGreen blob between name and team  
  196GentileNormalDark pink blob left of J in Jim  
  197LaryNormalWhite scratch on cap  
198 Gabrielson Normal Various blue and/or yellow streaks around name bar  
  199AzcueNormalLarge black ink smear name bar partly obscuring position  
 5/15/16 203KennedyNormalGreen streak across chest  
     Pink streak across chest  
  211CokerNormalYellow blob on end of surname  
  220EllsworthNormalYellow-green blob right of ear  
  222PierceNormalHorizontal pale yellow streaks in sky by left elbow  
 9/29/17 223BanksNormalYellow squiggle in team N  
 9/29/17    Dark roundish blob on right shoulder  
  239StarretteNormalDouble white bullets after surname  
  252AspromonteNormalJagged white short vertical lines left of face  
     Speckled name bar  
  258RoggenburkNormalLarge white blobs under name  
  261HannanNormalBlue ink bleed above photo  
  263EstradaNormalSmall red cross-hatching on right shoulder uniform  
  268Bill's Got ItNormalYellow clouds under Bill's  
     Bottom of IL in Bill's is whited out  
  274Checklist 4Pale color between player's legs, dot in #281 R in RookieGreen between player's legs and faint blue ink patch just below and left of 4, no dot  
275 Tsitouris Normal Reddish bulls-eye circle on "S" in Reds  
 8/25/16    Vertical purple line left border  
 8/25/16    Team name is blue not purple  
  288MoranNormalA in Al is faded  
  289FunkNormalPrinting in lower border  
 12/27/16    Red squiggly stain lower left photo corner  
  302PfisterNormalYellow blob above left side of photo  
  305LamabeNormalYellow blob above left side of photo  
     Yellow donut in E of RED  
309 Toth Normal "P" in Paul completely gone  

"P" in Paul partially obscured  
     Large red ink running over upper left side of card  
  339BondNormalLarge yellow blob top right  
  347WineNormalBlue dot on left shoulder  
  362Checklist 5Paler space between player's legs"Checklist" farther from green box and greener space between player's legs  
374 Bolin Normal Single or double white vertical streak to right of face  
  380FordCap insignia is whiteCap insignia is red  
  389UmbrichtNormalFaint reddish overprint of card back on front  
  392PagliaroniNormalLarge red blob on front of left shoulder  
  397CottierNormalThick jagged pale line digs into right side of throat  
  400SpahnNormalTop of team name is blue, not green  
  402SturdivantNormalLarge pale pink blob on right side of chest  
  434NottebartNormal, no red dotGreen line on right hand  
     Green line on left hand  
     Red dot in L column reverse  
  436NealNormalLight red smear (overprint?) over most of card  
440 Clemente Corrected version (?) "Pittsburth" in 1960 stats  
517 Checklist 7 Numbers on back start with 542 Numbers on back start with 565  
533 Klippstein Normal White mark in sky right of hat  


  7ERA LeadersVery red backgroundVery orange background  
 10/30/16 13RamosNormalLarge red splotches all over face  
  17RomanoNormalWhite blob beside right earlobe  
     White circle center of cap  
  27BertellNormalBlack smudge above background person above right shoulder  
     Vertical white column in sky above right shoulder  
     Border color is all light orange, not red  
  34KoonceNormalReverse is more than half missing all blue and white color  
  35CharlesNormalVery left end of stats are whited out  
     Flag background color is light orange, not red  
  36WineNormalVery "snowy" sky at hat level  
  38KingNormalFaint blue wide line/blotch in green beside first name  
  46LeeNormalBlue blob over left shoulder  
47 Harper Normal White sideways "2" in sky by right edge  
  51BryanNormalWhite letters in name on front
     Border is gray, not black  
     Horizontal black line in top border  
  54GibbonNormalFuzzy white circle on upper right arm  
63 Cline Normal Blue break in green border left side  
     Black curlicue on back of right shoulder  
     Irregular faint white donut in sky beside cap  
 7/3/16    Large white dot over TY  
  75JohnsonNormalWhite slash over surname  
79 Checklist 1 # 61 has first initial # 61 does not have first initial  
80 Farrell Normal Big black blob on front  
     Break in vertical stat line after 1959  
     Break in vertical stat line after 1957  
  81BufordNormalVertical pink band left of team flag on front  
  87MathewsNormalVertical black streak down middle of card  
  94LauNormalWhite on reverse spills from stat box into ball  
  98MillerNormalRed streak on forehead between eyes  
     Pink background behind BOB  
104 Checklist 2 Normal Uneven bottom border back (slight ink bleed)  
  105SalmonNormalSeries of white dots over surname  
     Extremely speckled (snowy) background on back  
  106OliverNormalWhite slash above surname  
     Two cloudy white blobs under surname  
     Blu-ish blobs left and around name  
  118LanierNormalWhite blob beside left ear  
     Blue bleed into left side stat box  
119 Kennedy Normal Rough left side of white stat box  

Blue bleeds into cartoon faces and first letters of name  
  152OrtegaNormalLight yellow color behind "Phil"  
  154HumphreysNormalHeavy blue bleed into initials and cartoon on back  
  164SpanglerNormalSmall red blob on chin  
  180 AllisonNormalBright pink/red splashes lower left corner  
184 Boozer Break in vertical line between LEA and G No break in vertical line between LEA and G  
189 Checklist 3 Normal
Uneven top border front, #211 missing dot over second "i" in last name  

Even top border, #211 missing dot over second "i" in last name  
  194Angels RookiesNormalTop of Kelso's name partly blacked out by bleed  
 7/3/16 200TorreNormalGreen slash at end of pennant tip  
  202BurkeNormalPink blob middle of cap  
211RidzikNormalLilac blob left of chest  
  213DavenportNormalLarge bright red teardrop before name  
  215WardNormalBlue bleed in left side stat box  
  226Yankees RookiesNormalWide pink smear over Gibbs photo  
  237AllenNormalLt green bleed over most of front and very faint mottled background on back  
  254SheldonNormalBright yellow ball by right shoulder  
273 Checklist 4 Normal Uneven bottom border (?)  
  291LynchNormalSmall break in vertical stat line between 2B and 3B  
305 Carty Normal Upper left corner of front border is blue, not green  
361 Checklist 5 4 in #429 is cut off 4 in #429 is whole  
367 Wagner Normal Missing part of lower right corner border  
     Blue printer's flower in right side white border  
 7/3/16 373SimmonsNormalSurname 2nd M part white, not yellow  
  387PodresNormalPart of top border is pink  
  418EdwardsNormalBreak near tops of E & D in REDS  
     White ball-shaped blob above cartoon bat  
     Wide horizontal yellow line bottom border  
  422GatewoodNormalFaint pink swirl on right cheek by nose  
 8/5/17 437CardenasNormalFull length blue line in bottom border  
443 Checklist 6 #481 has chopped "m" in Team #481 has whole "m" in Team  
  476O'DellNormalWide white border break upper left side  
508 Checklist 7 Smaller print on front Large print on front  
    Boxes are whiteBoxes are yellow  
  585FischerNormalPurple, red and green streaks on cap  
     Red and green streaks on cap  
     Red and blue closely spaced streaks on cap  
     Bright white streak on cap  
  594Gaines NormalYellow line across card very bottom  
  596LandrumNormalPink tshirt shows at throat  


 7/3/16 12TsitourisNormalLight yellow bleed over shirt  
16 Brown Normal Yellowish-brown stain on lower half of shirt  
17 Stephenson Normal Dull stock front, no finish  
  18SheldonNormalWhite bagel between 1st and 2nd lines of text  
  32PhillipsNormalHorizontal line on back goes to card edge (complements #51)  
     Horizontal line on back goes only to end of "RECORD"  
     Black smudge over "LEAGUE BATTING" on back  
34 Checklist 1 "M" in # 62 Merritt is slightly broken "M" in # 62 Merritt is solid  
43 Landrum Button on pants is showing Button on pants is whited out  

Button on pants not showing  
     Button is light yellow  
48 Blair Normal Purplish blob in sky between cap brim and team name  
  51RichardsonNormalShorter horizontal line on back (complements #32)  
     Longer horizontal line on back (complements #32)  
     Dark smudge over Albany and Houston on back  
 12/27/16 56ValdespinoNormalWhite blob left of cap  
 7/3/16 58WickershamNormalGreen blob inner forearm  
62 Ranew Sold statement No sold statement  
73 Zimmerman Normal Green streak in photo lower left  
91 Uecker Trade statement No trade statement  
  98DemeterNormalHeavy dark beard stubble  
 1/30/17 99Buc BeltersWith black dotNo black dot  
101 Checklist 2 # 115 is Bill Henry # 115 is Warren Spahn  

# 115 us Warren Spahn, slash through "b" in # 106 Staub  
 9/1/17 102KirkpatrickNormalWhite sky dot by head  
103 Groat Trade statement No trade statement  
104 Johnson Trade statement No trade statement  
  113AguirreNormalBottom corner of yellow background behind TIGERS banner is green  
 9/1/17 115HenryNormalBlue squiggle on right shoulder  
122 Gaines Normal Banner green behind team extends into margin  
  125BrockNormalOne pink blob in top border  
     Two pink blobs in top border  
 9/1/17 133McMahonNormalLarge break in top border with blue speckles  
 9/1/17 142DennisNo red ballFull or hazy red ball under team banner  
 9/1/17 143TartabullNormalBlue line and tail over team name  
9/1/17 145FreehanNormalWhite blob on right cheek  
     Green slash on left elbow  
 9/1/17 152MalzoneNormalBlue haze over name and Angels A  
161 Lumpe White wedge in yellow over "2nd base" No white wedge in yellow over "2nd base"  
173 Spangler Normal Purple blob under chin  
177 Lopez Normal Black dot on chin  
180 Pinson Normal Banner sunk below black border  
183 Checklist 3 Names and numbers on front are larger Names and numbers on front are smaller  
  184MenkeNo red dotTiny red dot in white background over I in Denis on front  
 9/1/17 191SutherlandNormalBlue hook over METS M  
200 Mathews Normal Purple blob on front bottom  
       Normal Red stain left side face and throat  
  202DalrympleNo haloHalo around top of cap  
     String coming out  of ear  
 9/1/17 226DierkerNormalLong white icicle between legs  
 9/1/17 238Dodgers TeamNormalYellow blob under NATIONAL NA  
  250EllisNormalOn back, black smear right side of number circle and top and end of first name  
263 Egan Normal Front is blue, not lilac, green smear on left earlobe  
279 Checklist 4 Cap is red Cap is black  
283 Perry Normal Banner sunk below black border (?)  
  292CokerNormalWhite blobs over position  
303 Indians Red dot between Place and American No red dot  
  306ClineNormalShort yellow streak over N in Cline  
316 Fisher Normal Front is purple, not dark blue  
319 Freese Normal Horizontal blue line on front through team  
     Reddish stains on right side of hat  
326 Braves Black dot between Place and National No black dot  
334 Keough Normal Blue behind team and name is speckled/cloudy with white  
 2/13/18 338MaxvillNormalLarge pink blob on upper back  
361 Satriano Normal Brownish blob by right ear  
 9/1/17 368 LauNormalWhite, purple and blue blobs  
  378TracewskiNormalWhite circle behind "i" in Tigers  
381 Fischer Normal Light blue horizontal line above position  
385 Boyer Normal Front is dark purple, not lilac  
404 Pirates Black dot between Place and National No black dot  
415 Alvis Normal Blue dot on right shoulder  
  428AlomarNo red dotRed dot beside ear  
     Border break middle right side  
432 Heffner Normal Background trees on left purplish on bottom half  

Background trees on left completely purplish (?)  
     Lower half of tree is mostly pink  
 7/3/16 437StanekNormalYellow streak between first and last names  
     Large blue blob left of pitcher  
444 Checklist 6 # 456 is "R." # 456 is "Red"  
517 Checklist 7 # 529 is "W." # 529 is "White"  
  522LinzNormalHorizontal white slash behind upper back  
 6/11/16    Horizontal 1/2 white, 1/2 red slash behind upper back  
582     Roggenburk Normal Wispy blue circle in sky  

  1The ChampsNormalLong horizontal blue line in top margin  
 6/23/17 2HamiltonNormalWhitish blob cap brim  
  3Sims2nd Sims S just touches cap2nd Sims S overlays cap slightly  
  9HansenNormalEntire background on back is green, no white  
  15BatteyLine under totals is brokenLine under totals is unbroken  
  16HandsRed line of pants leg is behind CUBSRed line of pants leg is below CUBS  
  18OliverNormalSome stats obscured in 3B column (at least 2 versions)  
    Bat knob number is 12Bat knob number is 19  
 8/15/16   Number on bat handle end is 12Number on bat handle end is 19  
  21BristolNormalPurple print line straight up over left ear  
  23 ElliotNormalBlue squiggles extending up from right side of cap top  
26 Priddy Trade statement No trade statement  

No Team name (? Suspect this is only in the OPC version)  
     Large green streak down left center of front  
  27SaverineNormalHorizontal white streak across chin  
     Small vague white cloud between surname and cap  
  28LatmanNormalStraight small yellow comet between Y and hairline  
     Small white/yellow comet between Y and hairline  
  29McGrawNormalSeveral large green dots on cap and brim  
  30KalineNormalMissing white object on ground behind left shirt sleeve  
  34CiminoNormalWhite blob in sky to right of hair  
38 Johnson Normal Red line extending down from left vertical border  
  39SimmonsNormalBottom of T in PITCHER cut off  
40 Reichardt Normal Blue and red streaks over surname signature  
     Just blue streak over surname signature
  51Astros RookiesNormalMini-breaks top border reverse  
  53 DalrympleNormalLeft third of card streaked yellow  
45 Maris Cards Yankees  
  47McMullenNormalWhite blob between Ls in McMullen  
49 Face Normal Faded "Ro" in Roy reverse + w/o 5 in 1965  
 7/4/16    Ro clear + missing 5 in 1965 on back stats  
  51Astros RookiesNormalSmall break reverse top border middle  
 8/15/16 55DrysdaleNormalYellow horizontal streak through Dodgers top  
 4/29/17    Long pink streak across crotch and elbow  
58 Schaal Normal End of bat is green  
     End of bat is green AND blue blob on shirt below signature  
  59TerryNo cloudWhite cloud behind right ear  
  61ColemanNormalYellow stripe between cap and brim  
     White blob between L and E in Coleman  
62 Checklist 1 Copyright symbol under "r" Copyright symbol under "T"  
  65HallerNormalWhite slash through middle C in Catcher  
     White dot over middle C  
  67BerryNormalWhite blob lower left corner on reverse  
  68BuhlNormalUpper right corner of second cartoon box is inked in  
 8/25/16 72Tigers RookiesNormalBlack bleed in number circle reverse  
  74StockNormalBlue ink raining throughout sky  
     Blue blob on ear  
  76BarbieriNormalInk marks above and below A in LEAGUE on reverse  
  78CorralesNormalPink streak on left bicep  
     Horizontal brown streaks on back  
  81StankyNo ghostGhost by left shoulder  
82 Barber Two laces extending from glove Single lace extending from glove  
  83BrownNormalYellow/white streak angled through last name and bio on back  
  84SiskNormalWhite slash through BB totals and bottom line on back  
86 McCormick Trade statement No trade statement  
     Cartoon white extends below into first line of text  
 8/5/17 87AltmanNormalSmall white fingerprinty blob over right shoulder  
  91LewisNormalLight pink stain / mark on left elbow  
 7/4/16    Pink blob inside of right elbow  
     Gap in horizontal line under H on stats reverse  
94 Fairly Normal Blue dot in sky  
     White behind 1st half of 4th line of text  
95 Siebert Normal Faint green line to right of head, no black squiggles reverse bottom  
     Faint green line plus black squiggles  

Break in "I" in Indians  
         Black squiggles, no green line  
     White check mark middle of back  
 9/3/17    Blue OR blue/red line in left border  
 9/3/17    Black ink smear of team name reverse  
96 Shamsky Normal Bluer coloring (?)  
98 Rollins Normal Red line missing on glove label  
  99StangeNormalBlue specks all over face  
  100F RobinsonNormalT in Outfield is obscured, looks like broken I  
  101JohnsonNormalBlue in BRAVES has leaked badly  
103 Checklist 2 Normal # 170 - period after D is a vertical line  
104 Rojas NormalWith green triangle   
     Pale slash in background color on back   
  106HundleyNormalSmall clouds over right elbow   
  107HorlenWhite dot after signature JoeNo white dot after signature Joe   
  108JohnsonNormalLarge white blob behind right side of text on back   
  110AkerNormalBlack smudge over surname   
     Small pink dot with bulls eye under first name   
  112WickershamNormalRed blob on cap front   
  113NicholsonNormalFaint yellow blob on sideburn beside ear   
Green background about 1/3 whited out on back
  116FranksSurname sits above capSurname touches cap   
117 Brandon Normal Faint DI in sky  
     Black vertical smudge extending down between A and N in Brandon  
  123Pirates RookiesNormalPolka-dotted P in PIRATES  
  124StewartNormalBlack outline of U in CUBS is smeared  
128 Spiezio Bat behind name Bat in front of name  
 7/4/16 132VirgilNormalSmall yellow blob in GIANTS A   
  133KlineNormalRO in Ron on back partially obscured   
  140StargellNo break in lowest stat lineBreak in lowest stat line under 22   
  141MillerNormalTwo short black lines on border left of name   
     Left side of stat box is faded out   
  142BrandtNormal3 light splotches by button, under Jack, and on trousers   
  144HeplerNormalGreen bleed into stat box   
  145 BrownNormalFaint blue blotch on grass left of signature   
147 Egan Blue line on hat Red line on top of hat  

White line on top of hat  
     Green bleed into stat box  
149 Moeller Normal Small white fuzzy cloud left of hat  
     White vertical streak through middle of hat  
  150Mantle        No red dotRed dot over S in Yankees  
     Red dot upper right front border  
  152Palmer BlanksNormal
Large border gap left side top
153 Blair's Homer Normal Black line extending from number circle on back  
  155Winners Celebrate NormalLarge top-to-bottom white slash middle of reverse  
  156HerbelNormalBlue background extends way above top black border  
 8/20/16 159HowardNormalBright blue dot in Sox O  
  162O'DellNormalTeam name is speckled blue and purple  
     Pink outline in purple PIRATES  
163 Roznovsky Normal Red zit(s) on chin  
     Red and white lines at center of forehead hairline  
     Light blue-ish blob front middle hair  
     Large red bleed upper left  
  164SieblerNormalSmall bluish blob on cap  
  165JonesNormalPink dot on cap  
 8/5/17 166MathewsNormalGreen donut under Ed  
 5/13/16 167Senators RookiesNormalPink dot in Coleman O  
  169ClarkeNormalTops of both black Cs in names smeared upwards  
  170McAuliffeNormalTop of D on cap is red, bottom is blue  
     Angled white line above E in McAuliffe  
     Two horizontal white scratches above League on back  
     Bright green vertical print line through cap and face  
  171KoonceNormalFirst half of "substantial" is blotted out on back  
  172HeathNormalSmall ink smear upwards in last S in Astros  
     Last two letters in Catcher dropped downwards  
     Last two letters in Catcher raised upwards  
     Long black smear across top of Astros  
  174RadatzNormalSmall yellowish-green blob below right eye  
  175KnoopNormalGreen smear under left eye  
  176EllisNormalYellow highlights over team, cap and jersey  
  180BlefaryNormalWhite slashes before "slugging" and/or through "printed" on back  
  181FoxNormalVertical wide faint brownish line just inside left border  
     Blue bleed in sky  
182 Charles Normal Sleeve is blue at elbow  
     Horizontal line through bottom of Athletics  
 8/20/16 183PagliaroniNormalBright blue dot PIRATES I  
  185HoltzmanNormalLarge pink blob on left bicep  
 9/3/17 189HintonNormalBlack mark in lower right border  
  190FarrellNormalBlack ink bleed above and below "Pitcher"  
191 Checklist 3 # 214 is Tom # 214 is Dick, no border line  
 5/13/16   # 214 is DickPartial horizontal line left side bottom border  
  192GladdingNormalTIGERS is polka dotted with white dots  
  195JacksonNormalYellow shapes just over right shoulder  
     Wrong upside-down back  
     Small border break just over left shoulder  
  196RomanoNormalBright white dot in tree over left shoulder  
     Horizontal black smear over name on reverse  
     Red and black lines in top left border  
     Partial horizontal line top border  
  198StanleyNormalWrong back (Tresh)  
  200MaysNormalBroken top of T in Outfield  
  202EdwardsNormalTeam 'REDS' is half blue  
  203McBeanNormal Large white starbursts beside head under P in Pitcher  
  205GroatNormalLight vertical black smear from top down center of card  
  208LamabeNormalThree white dashes on lower shirt sleeve  
  210GibsonNormalSlight variations in height of "Pitcher"  
  211Twins teamNormalHorizontal smear at knee level first row  
  213JohnstoneNormalVertical black band just inside right border AND thin line through name  
  214KelleyBlack line over cap Yellow line over cap  
  216Cash / KalineNormalPurple streak angled up from A in Cash  
     Black line angled up from C in Cash (?)  
  217GardnerNormalYellowish blob behind top of R in signature Rob  
     Yellowish slash behind bottom of Ro in signature Rob  
  219CarrollNormalVertical black dotted streak on right side of card  
223 Ryan Dot over "Mike" in signature No dot  
     Short white slash above stat box  
  224BondNormalTWINS is partly blue  
  227LindbladNormalBlack line extending up from number circle on back  
  238NL SO Leaders NormalLarge red blob behind Koufax's head (?)  
  241AL RBI LeadersNormal Black smear on Robinson's cheekbone (?)  
  244NL HR LeadersNormalMuch of names and teams blacked out  
  245FloodNormalWhite streak going down OR up OR sideways from C in Cards  
     Light purple streak going left from C in Cards  
  246PerryNormalYellow 'pitcher' is unusually low  
  247LumpeNormalVertical line in top border over Lumpe  
     Faint tire tracks above name  
  248MauchNormalWhite blob on right elbow  
  249WillhiteNormalWhite 'spotting' over stat box  
  251HeldNormalPink blush on cap brim  
252 Bolin Normal Blob between Bob and Bolin  
  258MayeNormalLight black stain from upper lip to shirt over first N in INDIANS  
  266Pitt PowerNormal"Last" and "league" partly obscured on reverse  
  267SchwallNormalVery light mottled green on back  
  268BriggsDotted I in signatureNo dot  
 9/3/17    No dot, pink cap slash (variations)  
  269NottebartNormalGreen slash on right forearm sleeve  
  271WattNormalRed and white lines by L in ORIOLES  
  273LinesNormalWhite angled line above "spring" on back  
     Background on reverse is all yellow, not green  
278 Checklist 4 Front boxes lower than text Front boxes much lower than text  
  279LinzyNormalGIANTS is polka-dotted  
  281RodgersNormalHorizontal light yellow/green band under right elbow  
  289TreshNormalYankees is colored in bright yellow and orange, not red  
     Background on reverse is all yellow, not green  
  291HannanNormalBlack dot in sky top left side  
  292PavletichNormalBlue dot on cap  
  294AlstonNormalWhitish/yellow dash in top of G in Dodgers  
  296BeckertNormalName and position faded on front  
     Green line on left forearm  
     White dot below second N in Glenn  
     White slash through "record" in stat box  
     Right side middle of card half obliterated  
298 Davis Normal White blob by right ear  
     White dash in left ear  
  299SiebernNormalEntire right half of head is faded  
  299SiebernNormalLarge mottled background section on back is yellow/light green  
304 Gagliano Name lettering in same sizes Name lettering in different sizes  

Purple blob on grass  
  306HarrelsonName misses hatName touches hat  
  309Hurlers bewareNormalBroken left bottom border  
  313LeeNormalLarge white flecks scattered in sky  
 7/4/16 316KralickNormalThin yellow slash on left bicep  
 12/27/16    White blob in middle of team S  
  322PaganNormalBlack ink smeared upwards on front  
  327Angels TeamNormalLarge white area lower right side  
  328BoyerNormalHair is on top of name on front, not vice versa  
  334Twin TerrorsNormalBottoms of names on back a bit blotted out by black ink  
  339RuizNormalPurplish drip from right ear  
     Small blue streak above right thumb  
    No cloudsClouds to left of cap  
  340PepitoneNormalName on front top is very faintly printed  
  341Giants RookiesNormalBlack bar backgrounds are gray  
343 Satriano Normal Small break top border  
  351LawNormalNumber circle on back has obscured Topps and 351  
     Bright blue blobs in "S" in Pirates on front and white slash thru 1959 and 1960 in stat column  
  358AmaroNormalBackground on reverse is yellow, not green  
362 Knowles
Normal Tower visible over part of "O" on front
     Sky is speckled like stars  
     Background reverse very light green and flecked with beige  
 5/13/16 363JohnsonNormalHeavy red face blotches  
  367Angels RookiesNormalBlack bar backgrounds are gray  
  372de la HozNormalBright white light waterfall in sky at right  
374 Queen Line under major league totals on backNo line  
  375GibbsNormalBright orange glow at elbow  
  376LockNormalAngled white streak through left ear  
     White streak in sky upper left  
     Vertical brown streaks  
   377 Tiant Normal Slight irregular green bleed into stat box and 1 cartoon box  
  379MayNormalWhite comet on reverse bottom border heading right  
  382McNallyNormalLight purple bleed below tower upper right  
     Dark purple bleed below tower upper right  
     Large green bleed all around tower upper right  
 8/20/16 385FregosiNormalWhite blob on shirt over James e  
  387PetersonNormalYellow streak between eyebrows  
   395 Short Normal thin vertical white line by left elbow Small white blob with thin vertical line beside left elbow  
     Thin vertical line with smoky line ascending into sky  
     Vertical line and smoky extension all solidly whited out  
     White background top middle reverse  
  399WorthingtonNormalYellow-orange streaks in and above right ear  
402 Phillies Rookies Complete lines under stats Incomplete or no line under stats  
  403Nen Normal1B missing on front  
  411HowserNormalNo black outline around most of YANKEES  
  416RepozNormalWide black vertical streak in sky over right hand  
417 Bruce Normal "Rbaves" on back  
  420McLainNormalVertical green smudge beside left eye  
     Broken black circle under 1963 in bio  
427 Gomez Normal Major league totals not listed, two lines at bottom  
         Major league totals not listed, one line at bottom  
  429RoggenburkNormalSmall white blob/cloud above right shoulder  
  434FisherNormalSmall white blob under E in Eddie  
 12/27/16 435JonesNormalWhite pawprint middle of cap at brim  
 9/3/17    Red bleed of cap brim  
447 Belinsky Normal 1966 San Diego stats obscured  
  448WalkerNormalVertical white smear on R in PIRATES  
  451NewmanNormalWaterfall of stain falling from cap brim  
  452KranepoolNormalVery faint purple streak by left bicep  
  453MonteagudoNormalParts of left and right borders missing  
454 Checklist 6 Left ear No left ear  
  457EtchebarrenNormalShort white slash below Andy on front  
     Short white slash between Etchebarren and Orioles on back  
  461MillerNormalGrass over right shoulder is light purple  
  465HortonNormalLarge white circle in team column  
     Border break lower right side  
  466WineNormalParts of both names obscured  
  467BelinskyNormal1966 San Diego stats obscured  
     Scoreboard in cartoon mostly blacked out  
470 Shaw Normal Small break in bottom border  
  487ReynoldsNormal large empty space after TomHints of corners of MY scratched off after TOM  
     Black box in space after TOM  
500 Marichal Normal "L" in Marichal missing on back  
     "li" missing in "list" on back 2nd line of text
 5/13/16 511WertNormalBlank back  
  513LopezNormalLarge yellow splash over face and uniform  
  527RibantEyes look aheadEyes look to his right  
  543SchneiderNormalSmall black mark in sky right of eyes  
  568SullivanNormalStat years 1965 and 1966 partly blacked out  
  582OwensNormalVertical colored streak left half of head  


 5/24/16  Many No colored lines Various lines, black, red, yellow or white, at top, bottom or one side or another  
7,13,16-20, 24, 26, 34, 36, 38, 43-5, 48-9, 53, 57-8, 60-2, 64, 66, 68, 72, 74, 77-8, 80-1, 85, 89, 94, 98-9, 100, 105-8, 110, 112-3, 117-21, 124, 127-9, 136, 139, 143, 146, 149, 155-6, 165, 168, 172, 175-7, 179-80, 185, 189, 191, 193, 195.    ---    Normal orangish backs Yellow (Milton Bradley) backs (I need 7, 13, 16, 20, 36, 57, 66, 68, 80, 85, 94, 110, 119, 155, 177.)   
 5/20/17 2Batting LeadersNormalBorder break lower left   
10 Pitching Leaders Lonborg on back Lonberg on back  
  21DavisNormalTop of "S" broken in Houston  
27 Hodges Normal Red "lipstick" mark on front left shoulder  
 7/3/16 31StroudNormalGreen bleed into 2nd SENATORS S  
 7/3/16 48DavidsonNormalVertical red line right margin  
67 Checklist 1 "C: in TCG under "0" on back "C: in TCG under "1" on back, checkbox 13 is whole  

"C: in TCG under "1" on back, checkbox 13 is broken  
 7/3/16 75MincherNormalThick white bottom border  
  101BeckertNormalSmall white break middle of right border  
107 Checklist 2 Some shirt showing in inset photo More shirt showing  
  109CampanerisNormalRed line at bottom  
  113Tigers RookiesNormalWhite smudge over Tigers on front  
 8/5/17 122MauchNormalWhite space between photo and black border is green  
 7/3/16 124OliverNormalSurname and team all faded / smeared  
 7/3/16 133WhitfieldNormalBreak in W in surname  
  144MorganNormalRed lipstick under right eye  
 9/3/17 154Gibson Hurls ShutoutNormalWhite slash on and above cap  
  164WebsterNormalBright white vertical print line through face  
 7/3/16 170FregosiNormalRed face  
179 Stoneman "Bill was used " on back No "Bill was used " on back  
 7/3/16 180FloodNormalWhite blob over woods on left  
192 Checklist 3 "Game" on back, "B" on cap almost whole "Game" on back, "B" on cap cut through upper hole  

No "Game" on back, "B" on cap almost whole  

No "Game" on back, "B" on cap cut through upper hole  
 7/3/16 204EtchebarrenNormalBorder break upper right side  
 12/21/16 205MarichalNormalBlack hook in sky  
     Tiny yellow donut in green team circle  
 12/21/16 207SemberaNormalFirst part of first name is obscured  
 7/3/16 209CullenNormalLight brownish blob over LL in CULLEN  
 7/3/16 218SuarezNormalSmall circle in mid-left white border  
 12/21/16 227HoernerNormalTiny red donut on right shoulder  
  228Rookie StarsNormalTeam circle two-tone orange  
 12/21/16 231BaldwinNormalPink donut on cap brim  
235 Santo Black dot in middle of left edge No black dot  
 9/3/17 237DarkNormalWhite blob on neck  
  238SatrianoNormalYellow bleed into mid-bottom white bio box  
  247Reds RookiesBench "impressed the Reds"Bench "impressed tne Reds"  
258 Rookie Stars "Rookie Stars" in red "Rookie Stars" in orange  
 8/6/17 271Knoop    NormalWavy hair protruding from upper back  
278 Checklist 4 Copyright to left Copyright to right  
279 Hands Front circle orange Front circle yellow (?)  
  312BlefaryNormalWhite slash through 1964 and 1965 in stats  
     Green, purple and white horizontal slashes left of cap and face  
     Large white background splotch on back left edge  
 12/21/16 337RobinsonLine over surname NNo line over surname N  
356 Checklist 5 Hat near center of circle Hat near top of circle  
  396WineNormalVery broken border upper left edge  
400 McCormick Team name white Team name yellow  
454 Checklist 6 Hat not touching top of circle Hat touching top of circle  
  492TorborgNormalTop left photo corner whited out  
     Distinct vertical white line above middle of hat  
518 Checklist 7 #539 is "Maj" # 539 is "Amer"  

 1969 Deckle

5 Fregosi Normal Signature in black, not blue, ink  
7 Tiant Normal Text on back is gray, not blue  

Errant ink at signature end  
11 Wilhelm Normal Wynn instead  
15 Davis Signature in dark blue ink Signature in very light blue ink  
   17 Alou Normal Blank back  
22 Staub Normal Foy instead  


  19SuarezNormalTop of surname partially faded away  
  23KrausseNormalBlack line above left eyebrow  
24 Alston Normal Small border break left top  
 7/2/16 25WhiteNormalLight red oval mid-top border  
26 Carroll Normal faint red blotch No faintish red color at all under "R" in Reds  
     Heavy red under "R"  
 8/21/16 28RyanNormalWhite blobs in top left sky  
  42HarperNormalWhite blobs behind "acquired" and Cleveland in biography  
47 Popovich Solid airbrush over helmet emblem  Helmet emblem partly visible  

Light airbrush over helmet emblem  

Some 1967-8 stats obscured  
  48AlyeaNormalTeeny black loop on top edge of name circle  
49 Royals Rookies Rodriguez Rodriquez  
57 Checklist 1 Collar just visible in inset photo, no dot after "S" in USA No collar visible  

Full collar, dot after "S" in USA  
  61HallNormalWhite "cap" blob over A in And on stat title line  
 9/9/17    Top of sky full of purple dots  
  59JohnstoneNo white blobWhite blob after "RECORD" on back  
  62SalmonNormalBlack marks and letters (Slit B) in left border  
     Short red lines in top border  
  66Orioles RookiesTop of left border is roundedTop of left border is squared off  
     Middle vertical white stripe is wriggly  
  67StonemanNormalBlack border and ends of 1st and last names half whited out  
     Space between photo and upper black border is pink, not blue  
 2/12/18 75AparicioNormal team in yellow lettersTeam letters are white  
77 Perranoski LA emblem just visible No LA emblem or blob at all (?)  

LA emblem covered with blob that just touches brim  

LA emblem covered with blob that doesn't come down to brim  
 6/23/17    White blob above Ron  
  78SatrianoPink blob under I in SatrianoBlue blob under I in Satriano  
  79PappasFaint red-ish tinge between photo and top borderFaint blue-ish tinge between photo and top border  
     Faint yellow-ish tinge between photo and top border  
 9/9/17 81HallNormalBlue blob in right border  
  89GibsonNormalHorizontal thin lines through helmet and after RUSS  
  91DarkNormalFirst name and position partially whited out  
  93FoyNormalLong blue stripe on shirt  
  96LemasterNormalThin pink line top border  
99 Rookie Stars No black loop Errant black loop upper left corner  
107 Checklist 2 # 161 is Jim Purdin, broken "J" in Joe in # 158 # 161 is John Purdin  

# 161 is Jim Purdin, full "J" in Joe in # 158  
  108TaylorNormalWhite blob in black at right end of stat box title bar  
  109LonborgNormalRed blobs on flag  
  117FaireyNormalBlue streak beside face  
     Back is yellow, not pink  
  121GrzendaNormalPartial horizontal line in right end of top border  
123 Wood Eyes looking forward Eyes looking up  
Blue ink dots in sky upper left
     White squiggle over MAJOR on back  
  129McCoolNormalShadow printing of second line in stat box  
  135DavisNormalLarge lemon-colored stripe on left side of face  
  140LefebvreEyes looking aheadEyes looking up  
  146PerryNormalBlack slash in sky by right elbow  
151 Dalrymple Orioles Phillies  
  153BrinkmanEyes looking forward
Eyes looking up
   154 Britton Normal Letters obscured in "September" on back  
  155WardNormalTwo yellow blobs (one very large) in name circle and X in Sox is white, not yellow  
183 Shaw Normal Face is half red  
     Blue and red streak on right eyebrow  
  202WilsonNormalBlue slash across elbow  
208 Clendenon Houston Expos  
  211CiscoNormalLetters in right border  
214 Checklist 3 "4" in # 214 chopped at bottom Yellow blob on front right  

"4" in # 214 not chopped at bottom  
  215PetrocelliNormalBreak in upper right border  
  217DonaldsonHat top all black
Hat top partly dark green
  232RickettsNormalLetters in left border   
233 Barber Normal Mud on face  
  238JohnsonNormalVarious colors in narrow gap between photo and black borders  
  239TaylorNormalRed slash across bridge of nose  
     Blue slash across bridge of nose  
  252CottierNormalBlue triangle on neck  
  253JohnsonNormalBlack blob on right side cap brim  
  258HernandezNormalLetters in right border  
  261JohnsonNormalTwo-tone purple front color circle  
266 Rookie Stars Normal Blank back  
  272StroudNormalBlack wing-shaped slash from chin to right shoulder  
  274KingBlue skySky is half white  
  303KoonceEye looking aheadEyes looking up  
  306GrantNormalWhite/pink slash across mouth and white/red slashes through text on back  
     Short blue slash under ear  
  311LyleEyes looking aheadEyes looking up  
  316LanierHat button all redHat button white on top  
  325CardenalMostly white line at cap topDistinct pink and blue lines at cap top  
     White bear paw at cartoon shirt back bottom  
  333MurrellNormalTwo blue slash lines on chest  
  341AdleshNo line in top borderHorizontal black line in top border  
  345Linzy NormalFront name circle more blue than green  
  353TorborgNo line in bottom borderHorizontal black line in bottom border  
  356QuiliciNormalWide vertical splotchy band left side front and splotchy red band in number box reverse   
 8/15/16 368RoznovskyNormalHorizontal black line in top border  
  377BellNo line in top borderHorizontal black line in top border  
  384ShepardNormalBlue mark on right temple  
  389 CoombsNormalSpotty brown stains under right armpit  
  391CulpNo lineHorizontal black line top border  
     Numbers printed in top border  
392 Burda NormalLarge white watery stainlike mark on front   
402 Boswell Normal Pink stain on left shoulder  
412 Checklist 5 # 459 has full "l" in Boswell # 459 has broken "l" in Boswell  
  415WashburnNormalWhite slash bottom left corner plus white arm band  
     White slash bottom left corner without white arm band  
     Pink slash bottom left corner with no arm band  
     Brown slash bottom left corner without white arm band  
     Whitish/clear splotches all down left half of card  
  422KessingerNormalGreen on front very muted  
440 McCovey Last name yellow Last name white  
441 Higgins Last name yellow Last name white  
  443WertNormalSmall break in black name circle at 3 o'clock  
444 Moeller Last name yellow Last name white  
447 Houk Last name yellow Last name white  
  448TolanNormalSkin is streaked and mottled red  
451 Rollins First name yellow First name white  
     First name yellow, writing in left border  
452 Ferrara First name yellow First name white  
454 Rookie Stars Names yellow Names white  
461 Epstein Last name yellow Last name white  
464 Marshall Last name yellow Last name white  
 8/21/16 467ReynoldsNormalLarge pink dot after first name  
468 Rookie Stars Names yellow Names white  
  469RuizNormalRed wash over most of card  
470 Stottlemyre Last name yellow Last name white  
471 Savage Last name yellow Last name white  
473 Arcia First name yellow First name white  
476 Rookie Stars Names yellow Names yellow or white w OR w/o yellow & white streaks (variations)  
 9/9/17    Names white w OR w/o blue on bat handle  
482 Gosger First name yellow, no bat band First name white  
 7/28/16    First name yellow, blue band on bat handle  
485 Perry Last name yellow Last name white  

Last name yellow, number on back partly obscured  
 2/13/18    Number on back obscured (variations)  
486 Casanova Last name yellow Last name white  
  487MenkeNormalBrown hair mostly jet black  
491 Twins Rookies Names yellow Names white  
493 Parker Last name yellow Last name white  
500 Mantle Last name yellow, no TGC on back Last name white  

Last name yellow, TGC on back  
     Last name yellow, background blue, not gray  
501 Gonzalez First name yellow First name white  
    First name yellow, no green streakGreen streak over ear  
505 Bolin Last name yellow Last name white  
   507 Rojas Normal R in Rojas partly obscured  
     Light blue/green blob on left side of name circle  
511 Segui First name yellow First name white  
  530TovarNormalUpper left corner whited out  
  537PaulP in Paul misses black circleP just touches black circle  
567 Pirates Rookies Normal Line around title  
  579NelsonNormalYellow blob on shirt at shoulder  
582 Checklist 7 White in number circle Red in number circle  
602 Cubs Rookies Top end of "C" on Distaso's cap not visible Top end of "C" on Distaso's cap just visible  
  617GonderNormalLight reddish smear down right side of card  

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