Independent Reading Project

The big question that i decided to study was, how hard is it for a highschool wrestler to balance being a good big brother and plus a good wrestler.  This subject really interests me because I am a highschool wrestler and plus I am an older brother.  I have an idea of how hard the task is t manage both and I know that it must be taken seriously. So, I decided that this book would be a good fit.  The book was able to help me get a good understanding of what must be done to be a good wrestler but also be a good yet responsible and well rounded brother. The three main conclusions that I drew from reading this book were:
  • To be a good brother, you must show love and compassion.
  • To be a good wrestler it takes time,dedication,courgae and alot of hardwork if you want to be the best.
  • Being a good big brother and balancing wrestling is tough, but it can be handled with alot of hardwork and dedication and it is important to take both seriously. 
Reasbeck, Joe. Nearfall. Keep the Faith and Keep Swinging. United States: Standel, 2009. Print.
     This book was a great read.  It easily related to my big question.  The book was about brothers bonding, friends sticking together and also friendships growing plus alot of wrestling.  My big question was, how hard is it to manage being a good older brother plus being a highschool wrestler.  This book answered this for me because the two main characters are brothers plus the older brother Mike wrestles.  The book was able to give me alot of "hands on" information on how to handle my big question.  This book was a great choice to help answer my big question, and i was able to get the information i need to help me with my big question.



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