Richie Cerebe May 2006

posted Jan 6, 2012, 9:33 AM by Richard C
As I walked into the Wicomico Civic Center in Sailsbury Maryland I was full of excitement and nerves.  Knowing that the 39th annual Eastern National Championships would be the hardest challenge I have ever faced in my life.  I arrived in Maryland the night before with my mom,dad,brother and sister plus my grandmom and two cousins.  We were staying at the nicest hotel i had ever been in, it consisted of a huge indoor pool, a huge arcade, an indoor ice rink and a Crispy Cream donut stand.  I was in heaven, but as the day ended I was full of nerves.  I tried not to focus on it by playing with my cousins but i knew the day would eventually end.  As the next day arrived i found my family and myself walking through the huge glass doors of the Wicomico Center. Scared, happy,excited and terrified were all the emotions that were going through my head, but i knew i was ready.  My father and i walked over to my bracket to see who my first opponet was when i realized that i had a bye the first round.  I was kind of upset but i was happy at the same time, gave me more time to prepare.