Google Docs Challenge Activities

For Google Docs how-to's click here and open Google for Teachers or Google Across the Curriculum.

Google Documents challenge #1:
1. Create a new document. 
2. Insert a hyperlink and an image or drawing into your document. 
3. Invite two other people to collaborate on your document. 
4. Use the chat or comment box to ask one of your collaborators to remove the drawing or image you inserted in step 2 above.
5. Create a section in your document to collaboratively brainstorm ideas for using Google Docs in your classroom. 
6. Publish your document to the web. 
7. Download a copy of your document.

Google Documents challenge #2:
1. Create a new form. 
2. Write at least four questions in your form. Make the first question "your name."
3. Publish your form to the web. Share the link to your form with two people and ask them to complete the form.
4. In your Google Documents homepage open the spreadsheet that was generated by responses to your form. 
*Advanced Challenge
5. Insert the "Flubaroo" script from the "insert" drop down menu. 
6. Run the Flubaroo script to auto grade your multiple choice forms. Visit to watch a video on using Flubaroo.

Challenge #3: