Digital Storytelling Activities

Video-base Activities
    -Beginner Activity:
        1. Register for (select education version to gain access to advanced features for free)
        2. Select a video theme from Animoto.
        3. Select media from the Animoto gallery to include in your video. 
                3a. Use Google Image's advanced search menu to find images to use in your video.
        4. Add text to your video.
        5. Preview video.
                5a. Re-order appearance of images.
        6. Publish and share finished video.

    -Intermediate Activity:
        1. Register at
        2. Grant Screenr access to your computer.
        3. Highlight a section of your screen and record a short screencast video. 
        4. Use an online Whiteboard like to draw and talk in essence creating a video tutorial like those found on                 Khan Academy. 
        5. Publish your video. 

    -Advanced Activity:
        1. Register for
        2. Find and select media to add to your project gallery. 
        3. Record an audio narration track using's audio recorder. 
        4. Mix and synchronize your narration to match the images you uploaded. 
        5. Invite someone else to collaborate on your project. 
        6. Android users can install the Android App to capture media for their videos. 
        7. Share your video on YouTube

    -Highly Advanced Activity:
        1. Upload two or more videos to YouTube.
        2. Use the Annotations option in the video editor to create Choose Your Own Adventure Videos. 
        3. Click here for directions on creating Choose Your Own Adventure Videos. 

Image-Based Activities
    -Beginner Activity:
        1. Visit
        2. Select a language
        3. Select a template
        4. Write your story
        5. Publish your story

    -Intermediate Activity:
        1. Visit
        2. Register as an individual user.
        3. Upload an image or draw an image.
        4. Grant LittleBirds access to your computer.
        5. Record a short audio narration. 
        6. Repeat steps 3-5 to create multiple pages in the story. 
        7. Publish and share story. 

    -Advanced Activity:
        1. Register at (use to create an education/ classroom account).
        2. Click on the "create" tab to begin. 
        3. Upload an image or document.
        4. Select the comment button to add a comment (grant VoiceThread access to your computer if you want to make a voice comment).
        5. Repeat steps 3&4 to create multiple pages in your VoiceThread project. 
        6. Publish and invite others to comment on your project. 

Using Google Maps and Google Earth to Tell a Story
    -Click here for full directions on using Google Maps and Google Earth.