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Another Space in Time

Can an ordinary man become a hero? In extraordinary circumstances he might. 
Rodwell Richards is a family man living with his wife and three children in Foxton, Lincolnshire when the story begins. He works for European Immigration, trying to control the United Kingdom's flow of criminals and would be residents.
Assassinated in his sleep he wakes to find himself in another world. Rodwell takes some time to come to terms with the fact that he has a different existence. In fact, he is already being pursued as a murdering terrorist before he has come to accept  that he now lives on Axa-Goranas. It is hard for Rodwell to acknowledge that he has no realistic hope of ever seeing his family again. When his new love, Lucy, is tortured and left to die he is finally forced to let his past go, and begin to do all he can to defeat those who threaten his new home. 
Goranas is, in scientific terms, a large saucer-shaped asteroid, rather than a true planet. However, its human inhabitants extend the status of planet to their world, much as I guess residents of the now downgraded Pluto might. Goranas sits under a pulsar sun, which by its rotation about its poles provides familiar periods of night and day. Technologies are not much different from those of the Earth, but nevertheless everything is different enough to make Arrivals' early weeks bewildering. The native population's telepathic abilities are the source of particular grief.
The paperback of Another Space in Time_ 
ISBN: 978-09562937-3-2, is most easily found on Amazon and on other internet book buying sites. 
The ebook version of this book has the code   ISBN: 978-09562937-7-0.    

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