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About the Author
The Author, as a young man.The idea of being a writer was born out of my earliest published work, in "Condescend" my then school's magazine, at a time when my dyslexic mind hardly allowed me to consistently spell my own name. The story obviously made the grade even though one of my teachers, all of whom I remember as being variously hurt veterans of WWII, must have translated the unique lexicon. I learnt only one lesson well, that being, we are blessed if we live our lives free of life shattering conflict, hunger and disease. I am one of those blessed people.
Since those early years I have learnt a great deal of bits and bobs about nothing in particular. I profess no expertise in any field, agricultural or otherwise, though, if I must define any half-baked professional skills they are in farming. I like to persuade myself that additionally I have a modest ability to spin a tale or two.
Writing has been my major "work" for many years now, taking up more and more time as less and less is required of me as a now stay at home father. I am an advocate of independent and small press publishing, specialising in review and alpha/beta reading for under supported authors. I review for sites like Bookpleasures, Awesome Indies, BRAG and indiePENdents. I intend to keep on writing whilst I can, which I hope will be for a considerable time. At the moment I see to be heavily involved in short story writing in LI groups.
I am always happy to discuss my writing and/or yours. Of course, I am always delighted to talk about my own books with readers. I am interested in most genres and especially in those works that don't fit any. 


 Another Space in Time
Hear a little from the start of my book by clicking on the YouTube clip below. The principle character is about to be assassinated. His next conscious moment will be outside of this world...

Another Space in Time: preview

Reworked historic plays