Staying Current...(Resume)

The newest 2015-2016 Collected Edition of the hit, Chrono Mechanics!! Created by Art Thibert, Written by Art Thibert, Richard Birdsall, and Pamela Thibert. New edition, new stories, don't miss out!
And keep an eye out for pin-ups I was fortunate enough to ink in the recently released Concrete Martian! Throwback fun and amazing work by Keith Grachow, can't wait to see the hardback!
Concrete Martian
The collected When Angels Deserve to Die came out in 2015 as well, it's been a busy few years and proud to have been such a part of a beautiful looking book, drawn by the incomparable Jacob Crippen. 



me -

  • CEO of
  • CFO of Genesis Medical Education Consultants.
  • CEO of Old Block Industries.
  • Co-Owner of
contributed to-
Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, 52, Legion of Super Heroes, Etrigan, Alias, Chrono Mechanics, Teen Titans, The Outsiders, and many more. 

worked for-
DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Alias, Abacus, Activision, Hightower Comics, and more.

shoot me an email, message, or call if you'd like to discuss potential business partnerships, creative endeavors, or collaborative efforts.

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