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We both studied what was called commercial art back in the 60s at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art. This was long before the days of both the Apple or the PC which is perhaps why I still like the description Commercial Artist. The only technology available to us was a thing called a Grant Projector which looked like a chest freezer with a pram hood. If you put a picture on the bottom and adjusted some wheels with the aid of some tracing paper you could trace a new copy bigger. The only other bit of technology was some king of wet Photostat process involving working in the dark with foul smelling chemicals. Over the years I have worked as a Architectural Draftsman, Technical Illustrator and Graphic Designer as we are now called. Those years of College were a strong influence (if you needed an illustration you drew it if you needed a photo you took it). This is not to say we didn’t embrace all the available technology as it came along and still do. We still love the craft side its still satisfying when a line goes where you wanted it to and a paintbrush rarely crashes even if you can’t press undo when it goes wrong.

This site is just an electronic portfolio of work that is either current projects or things that please us from the recent past

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