Curriculum Vitae

Richard A. Brown, Ph.D. Consulting Services


Post Office Box 381, New York, NY 10272-0381


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology: Michigan State University Mathematics/Education: Illinois State University

Academic Appointments:

Formerly Professor of Psychology, Pediatrics and Psychiatry

University of Southern California

Formerly Professor of Psychology

University of Illinois Chicago

Formerly Summer Visiting Professor

University of Exeter, Devon, UK

Administrative Experience:

Formerly Director of Training in Clinical Psychology

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Univ. Affiliated Program

Formerly Director, William Healy School and Applied Research

Institute for Juvenile Research, Chicago IL

Founding Partner: LifeMax Clinics

Sold to Behavioral Medicine Associates and Johnson and Johnson

Selected Consultations:

Behavioral Medicine Associates

    Design of inpatient and outpatient programs in behavioral medicine, substance abuse, eating disorders, child, adolescent and adult psychiatry for hospitals in California, New York, and New Jersey

    Recommendations for improving structure of Mental Health Services in Sweden

    Design of diabetes self monitoring systems for the World Health Organization

Weight Watchers International

    Evaluation of internet based program for men


    Design of one day intensive health evaluation for women

Professional Journals and Peer Review Publications:

1.  Munjack, D.J., Brown, R.A., and McDowell, D.: Existence
    of hyperventilation in panic disorder with and without
    agoraphobia, GAD, and normals: implications for the
    cognitive theory of panic. Journal of Anxiety Disorders,
    7: 37-48, 1993.

2.  Munjack, D.J., Brown, R.A., Cabe, D., McDowell, D.,
    and Baltazar, P.: A naturalistic follow-up of panic
    patients after short term pharmacologic treatment.
    Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 13: 156-158, 1993.

3.  Munjack, D.J., Bruns, J., Baltazar, P.L., Brown, R.A.,
    Leonard, M. Nagy, R. Koek, R., Crocker, B., and Schafer,
    S.: A pilot study of buspirone in the treatment of
    social phobia. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 5: 87-98,

4.  Brown, R.A., Munjack, D.J., and McDowell, D.:
    Agoraphobia with and without current panic attacks.
    Psychological Reports, 64: 503-506, 1989.

5.  Munjack, D.J., Brown, R.A., McDowell, D. and Palmer, R.:
    Therapist guesses in a double blind study: How blind is
    blind? Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology. 9: 2,
    148-149, 1989.

6.  Munjack, D.J., Crocker, B., Brown, R.A., Cabe, D.,
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    Usigli, R.: Alprazolam, propranolol, and placebo in the
    treatment of panic disorder. Journal of Clinical
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7.  Brown, R.A.: The executive stress syndrome, Anxiety
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8.  Brown, R.A. and Munjack, D.J.: Fear of relaxation and
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9.  Munjack, D.J., Brown, R.A., and McDowell, D.: Comparison
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10.  Brown, R.A. and Zeitlin, S.: Scared to relax, Anxiety
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11.  Brown, R.A.: Anxiety control and breathing, Anxiety
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12.  Brown, R.A. and Moss, G.: Reliability and validation of
     a psychiatric assessment instrument for the hospital
     treatment of adults. Psychological Reports, 51: 142,

13.  Wright, D. and Brown, R.A.: Remission of chronic
     rumination and vomiting through reversal of social
     contingencies. Behavior Research and Therapy, 16: 134,

14.  Brown, R.A. and Dash, J.: Nutrition students vs.
     dieters on a readiness to diet scale. Psychological
     Reports, 41: 1242, 1977.

15.  Dash, J. and Brown, R.A.: Development of a rating scale
     to predict success in weight reduction. Journal of
     Clinical Psychology, 33: 748, 1977.

16.  Brown, R.A. and Epstein, J.: Interaction of achievement
     level and reinforcing properties of daily grading
     systems, Education, 98: 131-134, 1977.

17.  Brown, R.A.: Behavioral intervention with feeding
     problems. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 3: 11-12,

18.  Laws, R., Brown, R.A., Epstein, J. and Hocking, N.:
     Reduction of inappropriate social behavior in disturbed
     children by an untrained paraprofessional therapist.
     Behavior Therapy, 2: 519-533, 1971.

19.  Brown, R.A.: Interaction effects of social and tangible
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20.  Johnson, S.M. and Brown, R.A.: Producing change in
     parents of disturbed children. Journal of Child
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21.  Brown, R.A., Pace, Z.S., and Becker, W.C.: Treatment of
     extreme negativism and "autistic" behavior in a six year
     old boy. Exceptional Children, 36: 115-122, 1969.

22.  Bakan, P. and Brown, R.A.: Attention - demand value of
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1.  Brown, R.A. Perceptual preference of the Rorschach
     inkblots, Dissertation Abstracts, 1965.


1.  Moss, G. and Brown, R.A.: Lifemax System for
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2.  Moss, G. and Brown, R.A.: Behavioral Medicine: A Manual
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3.  Moss, G. and Brown, R.A.: Alcohol and Substance Abuse:
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4.  Moss, G. and Brown, R.A.: Adult Psychiatric
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1.  Weizmann, R., Brown, R.A., Levinson, P., Taylor, P.:
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2.  Brown, R.A. and Moss, G.: Mommy, Daddy, and Us Kids:
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Book Chapters:

1.  Brown, R.A. and Epstein, J.: Encouraging achievement
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4.  Brown, N.B. and Brown, R.A.: Physical aggression: A
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Assessment Instruments:

1. Brown, R.A. and Moss, G.: Clinical Assessment Inventory.
    Behavioral Medicine Associates, Newport Beach, CA, 1982.

2. Dash, J. and Brown, R.A.: Dash-Brown Readiness to Diet Scale.
    Incentive Systems, Marina Del Rey, CA, 1977


1.  Brown, R.A. and Crocker, B.: Advanced Techniques in
     Psychotherapy: A series of six 30 minute television
     Programs. Century Cable, Los Angeles, CA, 1988.

2.  Brown, R.A. and Stanford, G.: The Ten Second Difference,
     Videocassette. Rogers Cablesystems, Fullerton, CA, 1985.

3.  Brown, R.A.: Deep Relaxation, Videocassette. Central
     Information Service, Los Angeles, 1978.


1.  Brown, R.A. and Stanford, G.: Urban Stress,
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2.  Brown, R.A. and Moss, G.: Adolescent Treatment,
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     Forest Hospital Foundation, IL, 1978.


1.  Graham, R., Miller, J. Moss, G. and Brown, R.A.: Mommy,
     Daddy, and Us Kids, 50" Film. Cine V.I.P., Orange, CA,

Additional Photography and Video Production:

 Off Broadway
Theater Photography, New York City

 Photography and Multimedia Production, Event Multi-image, Hollywood

 Supervisor of Video Production, University Affiliated Program CHLA

 Supervisor of Video Production, Institute for Juvenile Research

 Director of Photography, Illinois Wesleyan University

Funk and Brown, Everything in Photography, first magazine cover at 15 yrs old