Personal Highlights and Current Projects

Dr. Dick Brown

P.O.Box 381 New York , NY 10272-0381

Sloop “Incentive” former home for 20 years

Longest Voyage: Bora Bora to Hilo, HI  27 days

1992 National Poetry Award for "Lucky Penny"

“Scary Song” performed at Grand Central Station, Halloween 1997

“Inkblot Suite” (4 Serigraphs) in the collection of former MOMA Director

USC & U of I Professorships: 30+ Articles, Monographs, and Book Chapters

Ongoing Projects:

Ten Second Difference(R)

Guerrilla Tactics for a Modern World

Social Anxiety:  The Invisible Barrier

Creativity: The Blessing and the Curse

Compilation of Children's Stories and Poetry

Self Actualization through Positive Reciprocal Contracting