New Jersey Shark Attack

The New Jersey shark attacks of 1916
  • New York Times; July 7, 1916, Friday; Shark Kills Bather Off Jersey Beach; Bites Off Both Legs Of A Youth Swimming Beyond Spring Lake Life Lines. Guards Find Him Dying. Women Are Panic-Stricken As Mutilated Body Of Hotel Employee Is Brought Ashore. Spring Lake, New Jersey; July 6. 1916. Hundreds of men and women and many children were on the beach this afternoon when a swimmer, far out beyond the outer life lines, raised a cry for help. George White and Chris Anderson, life guards, who had been watching the swimmer closely because of his distance from shore, launched a lifeboat and started for him while the crowd on the beach watched in suspense and fear.
  • New York Times; July 8, 1916, Saturday; Shark Guards Out At Beach Resorts; Wire Nets Set Against Supposed Man-Eater That Killed Spring Lake Bather. Patrol Boats At Asbury Sailor Of Tropic Seas Tells How To Scare Off Big Fish Attack. Just Splash And Yell, He Says. The killing on Thursday of Charles Bruder by a shark which attacked him in the water off Spring Lake, New Jersey, was discussed yesterday at all the resorts along the New Jersey shore and at the local beaches. At Spring Lake and nearby bathing places persons were timid about entering the water far from shore, but at the local beaches no such hesitancy was apparent.
  • New York Times; July 13, 1916, Thursday; Shark Kills 2 Bathers, Maims 1, Near New York; Swims Ten Miles From Sea Through Raritan Bay, And Into Small Creek For Its Prey. Boy Torn From Hip To Knee Another Dragged Down To Death By Monster Fish. Leg Of Third Twice Bitten. Town Scorns 2 Warnings Man Eater Seen In Matawan Creek On Sunday. One Boy Seized In Three Feet Of Water. Shark Kills 2 Bathers, Maims 1.
  • New York Times; July 14, 1916, Friday; The Shark at Beach Haven.
  • New York Times; July 14, 1916, Friday; Many See Sharks, But All Get Away; Matawan's Population, With Weapons And Dynamite, Seek Man-Eater That Killed Two. Science Admits Its Error. No Longer Doubted That Big Fish Attack Men. New Theories As To Why Coast Is Now Infested. Matawan Creek, the little stream in which two swimmers were killed by a shark and another severely bitten on Wednesday, was alive with sharks yesterday, according to the scores of men who went out to hunt them with rifles, shotguns, boat hooks, harpoons, pikes, and dynamite.
  • New York Times; July 14, 1916; Perhaps It Was a Turtle.
  • New York Times; July 15, 1916, Saturday; Sharks and Submarines.
  • Atlanta Constitution, July 14, 1916; Motor Boats Hunt Man-Eating Sharks Off Jersey Coast. Presence of Large Schools of Monsters Along Coast Brings Warning From the Bureau of Fisheries.
  • New York Times; July 16, 1916, Sunday; Human Bone Found In Shark's Stomach; Piece Thought To Be Part Of A Boy's Shin Taken From Large Fish Caught Near City. More Man-Eaters Hooked Shark Overturns Boat And Leaves A Tooth In The Hull. Matawan Victims Buried. A big haul of sharks was made yesterday by fishers along the Jersey coast near localities where man-eaters have made four victims, and in other waters near New York. Sharks were again and again reported yesterday in Matawan Creek, where two bathers were killed on Wednesday, but none was caught, although hundreds of hunters assembled and fired much ammunition into spots where they were believed to be hiding.
  • New York Times; July 19, 1916, Wednesday; Big Posse To Hunt Oyster Bay Shark; Mrs. J. Stuart Blackton, Guests, And Children Flee From Big Fin. Phones To Col. Roosevelt Scare Of Man-Eaters Drives Many Bathers From Waters Along New Jersey Coast. Many sharks were reported near Long Island and New Jersey beach resorts yesterday, and several from four to nine feet long were killed by the hundreds engaged in hunting down the big fish. Many bathers were driven from the water by the cry of "Shark," and there was at least one escape from what might have been a fatality.
  • New York Times; July 20, 1916, Thursday; Net 7-Foot Shark In Matawan Creek; May Be The Man-Killer That Took The Lives Of Two Bathers Last Week. Gave Captors Hard Fight Scientists' Shark Hunt Falls In Rockaway Inlet, But Several Are Caught Off The Jersey Coast. Net 7-Foot Shark In Matawan Creek. A seven-foot shark, which may have been the one which killed Stanley Fisher and Lester Stilwell and seriously injured Joseph Dunn in Matawan Creek, New Jersey, last week, was caught after a furious struggle at 3:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon the creek about a mile below the spot where the two bathers were killed.
  • New York Times; Aug 26, 1916, Saturday; The Shark Stuffed. Temporary Display at the Museum of Natural History."The danger of being attacked by a shark about here is probably less than that of being struck by lightning," says a printed notice at a shark exhibition opened yesterday for public view at the American Museum of Natural History. The star of the collection, however, is a twelve-foot white shark, a maneater, which was captured off Cape Cod some years ago.