Annie Lee Moss bibliography

Annie Lee Moss was an African American woman who was accused by United States Senator Joseph McCarthy of being a Communist infiltrator in the Pentagon.
  • New York Times; February 24, 1954. McCarthy Says Red Decodes Secrets, But Army Denies It; Senator Charges Woman Is Still In Key Job. She Says She Never Was Communist FBI Ex-Aide Testifies Asserts Accused Was In Party. Pentagon Insists She Had No Access To Vital Room McCarthy Accuses Employee Of Army. Washington, DC, February 24, 1954. Senator Joseph R. McCarthy engaged the Army today in another verbal duel over an alleged Communist in the Pentagon's Signal Corps communications center.
  • New York Times; March 12, 1954. Cohn Scored When Woman Denies McCarthy’s Charges; Mrs. Moss Counters Accusation As Red While Senators Decry 'Innuendo'. Crowd Applauds Hearing Scene Red Denial Stirs McCarthy Session. Washington, DC, March 11, 1954. Mrs. Annie Lee Moss, suspended Army Signal Corps employe, softly but flatly denied all Communist party activities or membership today.
  • Time magazine, March 22, 1954. Early in his public feud with the Army last month, Joe McCarthy triumphantly charged that the Signal Corps had a Communist named Annie Lee Moss encoding and decoding "top-secret" messages in its Pentagon headquarters. Proof? He had the sworn testimony of a woman FBI agent. As usual, there were some pertinent facts that McCarthy did not mention: 1) Mrs. Moss, a 49-year-old Negro widow, had appeared before the House Un-American Activities Committee in closed session and under oath denied that she had ever been a member of the Communist Party, or had ever engaged in espionage; 2) she did not encode or decode anything, had no access to the Pentagon code room, and handled top-secret messages only in the form of scrambled and unreadable Teletype tape; 3) the FBI agent, while identifying her by name and address, had admittedly never seen her. When Mrs. Moss appeared to testify publicly, McCarthy waved her away. "We do have ... two witnesses who know that she had been ... a Communist ... a long time," he said. "[This] witness is of no importance." ... Three Annie Lees. The Democratic Senators managed to draw from Mrs. Moss the suggestion that her own identification as a Communist might be the result of the same sort of mixup. She testified that there were three Annie Lee Mosses living in the District of Columbia. But in the furor, no one questioned her on a pertinent point: the address she gave in getting Government employment was the same as that of an Annie Lee Moss known to FBI Undercover Woman Mary Markward as a Communist.
  • Washington Post; March 27, 1954. Army Decides To Hold Up Moss Ruling. The Army announced Friday night that Mrs. Annie Lee Moss, suspended Signal Corps clerk will be returned to duty on Monday, "pending final adjudication of her case."
  • Washington Post; March 30, 1954. Mrs. Moss, Quiz Target, Back on Job. Mrs. Annie Lee Moss returned to her Army Signal Corps job yesterday at the expiration of a 30-day suspension during which she underwent a a security probe.
  • New York Times; August 5, 1954. Mrs. Moss ousted by Army again. Pentagon Reports New Data on Case of Employe Called Communist by McCarthy. Washington, DC, August 4, 1954 (United Press) The Army suspended Mrs. Annie Lee Moss from her Pentagon job for the second time today pending final settlement of her security case.
  • New York Times; August 6, 1954. Mrs. Moss Is Accused As Card-Carrying Red. Washington, DC, August 5, 1954 (Associated Press)  A report that Annie Lee Moss was given a Communist party membership book for 1943 resulted in her suspension for a second time from her job with the Army Signal Corps.
  • Washington Post; August 6, 1954. Red Card Held By Mrs. Moss, Army Charges. No. 37269 Declared Given to Her in 1943 Accusations Listed Army Says Mrs. Moss Got Red Card 37269. The Army's latest charges against Mrs. Annie Lee Moss allege that she was given "Communist Party Membership Book No. 37269 for 1943," her attorney revealed yesterday in declaring that otherwise the charges are substantially the same as those which she has denied four times since 1948.
  • Washington Post; August 24, 1954. Mrs. Moss Asks Accusers Be Named. Seeks Hearing, Again Denies Red Ties. Mrs. Moss Seeks Hearing. Mrs. Annie Lee Moss yesterday asked the Army to produce her accusers when she sought a personal hearing before a security board and filed "emphatic" denials to seven charges of Communist Party involvement.
  • New York Times; August 25, 1954. Denial by Mrs. Moss; She Asks That Army Produce Those Who Called Her Red. Washington, DC, August 24, 1954. Mrs. Annie Lee Moss, again denying Communist ties, has asked the Army to produce her accusers at a security screening board hearing.
  • Washinton Post; September 21, 1954. Annie Lee Moss, twice-suspended Pentagon worker, went before a three-member civilian loyalty board in a top secret hearing yesterday to answer the Army's charges she once was a Communist.
  • Washinton Post; September 22, 1954. Moss Inquiry Is Headed by S.S. Jackson. Stephen S. Jackson, assistant general counsel for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, is serving as chairman of the special security board which is hearing charges that Mrs. Annie Lee Moss, suspended Pentagon employee, once held a Communist Party card.
  • New York Times; January 20, 1955. Mrs. Moss Restored To a Job by Wilson. Charles E. Wilson restored Annie Lee Moss to an Army job today, but transferred her from the Pentagon.
  • Washington Post; January 20, 1955. Mrs. Moss Given a New Post by Army. Wilson Acts for Target of McCarthy. Mrs. Moss Is Given A New Job by Army. Annie Lee Moss, twice suspended in less than a year from her $3335-a-year position with the Army Signal Corps, will return to work without any "hard feelings or bitterness," now that she has a job back.
  • New York Times; May 3, 1957. She Lost Job With Army as a Result of McCarthy Charge. Mrs. Annie Lee Moss, who temporarily lost her job because of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, said tonight she was "sorry" to hear of his death.
  • Washington Post; May 23, 1958. New questions concerning the identity of Annie Lee Moss were raised this week because of pending transfer of secret FBI documents to attorneys for the Communist Party.