The Tools: How to correct falling verticals

A combination of more tools 


You probably know the situation. You stand in the street and want to photograph a tall building of some sort. You point your camera upwards in order to capture the whole highrise, press the button - and walk home happily.

Well home, you open your photo only to see the building being more and more narrow towards the top. The camera isn´t lying - but your brain is. We don´t normally see these falling verticals - we just percipate the situation as "a tall building". 


In this case you think it looks unnatural - so, what to do?

Open the picture in photoshop (or another editor). In this case (Photoshop Elements) chose image/transform/skew. Accept the editor´s suggestion to make a new layer, and you´ll have a "rubber" layer of the photo where you can drag the corners as you wish. You might select an overlaying grid to help you see straight. Then you´ll have something like this.

You will notice that I have been dragging the corners so that the verticals in the picture are aligned. 

Next, make a selection of your fancy with the crop tool - something like this:

Flatten layers. Crop the picture. Enhance it with curves, unsharp mask, the works.  Apply a nice frame and you´re done.

Of course these tools can be used for a great number of other situations, too.