The Coast

The light where the sky meets the ocean 


Spending time at the coast is a real treat for the landscape photographer. Witnessing the light where the sky meets the ocean is probably the most motivating single experince for the photographic vision I can think of.

The light, the shapes and the colours change constantly. You can see the most fantastic rays of light sweeping over the ocean, but after having taken your camera out of the bag, turned it on, set shutter speed and aperture the rays of light are replaced with a grey/green shower running over the horizon instead. Just as good a motive - just not what you expected.

Coincidence plays a role when it comes to coastal photography. So I assume that what Cartier Bresson once said about street photography also applys here: "F11 and be there"

I live by the sea, in a country where there is no more than 50 km to a coast from anywhere. That gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time by the water. It always pays off following the light when photographing. All light is photolight. Not only low light in the sunset. So, staying with the motive for a whole day gives you the best of opportunities to bring home a smashing photograph. Take heeps of photographs during the day. Count them in hundreds. Thrash all but the best one of them, and chances are that it´s a good one.