The Beauty of Decay

The Forgotten Car 



I first noticed the car 16 years ago. 

Everyday on my way to my job, I passed it. It was standing in a driveway in front of a huge, old house on flat tires and grass growing high around it, and had obviously been standing there for a long time. 

For the next couple of years I walked past that car twice a day - untill we moved away from the city. This fall I drove by the site in my car - and spotted this old car still standing in the driveway at exactly the same spot as it did years back. I hit the brakes, jumped out of the car with my camera, thinking that I just might find a motive here. 

You see, I had for some time been interested in "The Beauty of Decay" as a subject for my photographs. I had been photographing old houses, fallen trees, yellow leaves on the pavement - that sort. But this was something special indeed. For at least 16 years, probably more like 20, this old Opel had been waiting for nature to take back what was her´s. And now she was about to succeed in her efforts. The car had sunken to the ground, beginning to fall into itself - now only half the height as when it was still driving around proudly. 

I tell you - it was a fantastic sight! 

I walked up to the front door of the house and pressed the button, listening to a bell way inside the house. A fluffy, dimmed sound - as if the bell was hiding, covered in drapes of passed time. The house itself was old and could do with a band of craftsmen for a couple of months. Now I had come close to the house, I could clearly see the bad state the windows, the paint and the roof was in. A bit spooky! 

My intention was to ask whoever lived there if I could be allowed to photograph this car in the driveway - but I also would like to see who lived there - and find out what sort of a person would leave a car in front of a house for so long. Maybe ask for the reason - I was getting curious, I must admit. 

Noone opened the door, in spite of my repeated ringing the doorbell, so I decided to take the pictures nevertheless. A bit disappointed, though, that I hadn´t spoken to the people in the mysterious house. I still haven´t, and I´m still curious. 

The above photo is one of many I took that afternoon. I love what time does to things when left to work on it´s own. 

Mother Nature taking back what is hers.